Album Review: Prehistoric Pigs – Wormhole Generator

Prehistoric Pigs - Wormhole Generator

Prehistoric Pigs [Italy]
Wormhole Generator
Full Length
Moonlight Records
Stoner/Doom Metal

Seriously, what kind of band would call themselves something like Prehistoric Pigs? The unique name notwithstanding, the trippy, psychedelic album artwork, intentionally pixelated and blurred created quite a strange attraction towards this Italian stoner/doom outfit’s debut full length album, Wormhole Generator.  Like their many Italian compatriots and label-mates at Moonlight Records and Lo-Fi Creatures, Prehistoric Pigs play nice, heavy and groovy stoner/doom metal, though the band removes the elements of the vocals from their music, with Wormhole Generator being a completely instrumental experience.

The opening Swirling Rings of Saturn definitely gives a nice sci-fi feel to the music, with sounds of equipment beeping and phones ringing at the background giving a timeless feel to the music, technologically advanced, yet reminding one of the early ages of the internet with the low-fi sounds. These soon give way to the first riffs of guitarist Juri, and though the music thus far seem deceptively simple, the combination of the down-tuned guitar and bass make Wormhole Generator a heavy album, not unlike bands like Yob and Dopethrone.

Bassist Jocopo has an extremely high presence on the record, and apart from providing that low-end growl that is so characteristic of the genre, at times he even takes the role of the lead instrument such as on the intro of XXI Century Riots. And this is where the influences from forefathers Black Sabbath become all the clearer, reminding one of records such as their eponymous release and Master of Reality. Yet, true to their stoner roots, the band ensures that the heaviness comes along with grooviness, and this apart from the riffs by the strings section of Juri and Jacopo, Mattia also helps in the effort with his rather simple, though crushing drumming.

The element of psychedelia is also strongly present in the band’s music, and this is most obvious in the various sound effects that are used on the various instruments, in particular the guitars like at the end of Swirling Rings of Saturn and on Tafassaset. Furthermore, sound samples are often used to reinforce that sense of unease in the listener along with the music. Also, the band’s constant shifting into different styles throughout the album when least expected, with one moment immersing the listener in a heavy, moody atmosphere and the next going into a fast-paced and seemingly lighter-hearted section, makes Wormhole Generator a nice listen that packs plenty of surprises for the listener.

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