Album Review: Progenie Terrestre Pura – Promo 2011

Progenie Terrestre Pura [Italy]
Promo 2011
Atmospheric Black Metal

“Bedroom” black metal bands have always been bands that I tend to avoid, with the large number of crappy demos and promos that have been put out in recent years along with the increasing ease of attaining recording equipment. Progenie Terrestre Pura hails from Italy, yet with their debut release Promo 2011 has defied all stereotypical characteristics of such underground, bedroom bands.

And mind you, this not only relates to the songwriting aspects of the band (more about that later), but as evident as the album opens, the production quality is extremely polished, unlike the muddy or raw production that similar bands tend to end up with, and considering the type and theme of the music that Progenie Terrestre Pura plays, this definitely helps in their cause. First track Progenie Terrestre Pura immediately puts listeners into a sci-fi setting based in outer space, far away from earth with soothing keyboards and notes that almost sound like extra-terrestrials communicating in morse code, before the band goes into a more black metal section as guitars slowly fade in, accompanied by the programmed drums of the band. Vocalist Nex[1]’s style is a strained whisper, fitting the mood and the atmosphere in the background with the trem-picked riffs of instrumentalist Eon[0]. On Snapsi Divelte, Nex[1] also utilises clean vocals. One thing that I have to say though, is that although the drums were programmed, they somehow sounded natural enough, giving a higher sense of authenticity to this release compared to other bands that choose to utilise programmed drums. The beats on Snapsi Divelte are also cleverly programmed, providing some sense of technicality in the music as well.

Throughout the 2 songs (both in excess of 10 minutes) on Promo 2011, Progenie Terrestre Pura has managed to display a wide variety of musical styles and influences that they have incorporated into their music. The black metal sections, while providing a haunting touch, has at the same time a somewhat calming and soothing effect with the melody that is provided by the guitars and the background instrumentations (such as the keys). Even the impact of the more aggressive chugging sections on Progenie Terrestre Pura are somehow soften due to factors such as these, and instead of causing the overall enjoyment of the album to be pulled down, helps to bring out and accentuate the futuristic feel in the music even more. This is also further helped with the tasteful usage of electronic elements, such as on the intro of Snapsi Divelte. For the most part as well, the band takes its time, slowly unleashing their masterpiece without any rush at all, allowing listeners to slowly savour the music.

For a self-recorded, self-produced and independently released demo, Progenie Terrestre Pura has certainly impressed, and have definitely shown how focussed they are on their goals when writing and recording their music. If anyone ever mentions again how bedroom or self-produced black metal bands are never going to be able to sound good and write excellent music, just let him listen to Promo 2011.

The band has put up Promo 2011 for free download (or name your own price) at this location.

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