Album Review: Progenie Terrestre Pura – U.M.A.

Progenie Terrestre Pura - U.M.A

Progenie Terrestre Pura [Italy]
Full Length
Avantgarde Music
Atmospheric Black Metal

Italy’s Progenie Terrestre Pura‘s promotional demo in 2011 displayed the band’s rather unique form of black metal, with a futuristic atmosphere fused with traditional black metal resulting in sound that instantly sucks the listener in.

Never mind that the band’s debut full length U.M.A. contained both the tracks that were in their 2011 demo, opening track Progenie Terrestre Pura quickly reminds those who have been out of touch with the band what made them so unique in the first place. For the first few minutes, one is thrown into a soothing soundscape, with the heavy ambient aspect of the music giving a nice, calming feel to the listener, allowing for one to be in a state of complete relaxation. Yet rather than the traditional ambient/atmospherics of bands like BurzumProgenie Terrestre Pura has a more futuristic vibe, and this definitely helps in setting them apart from other atmospheric black metal bands.

Yet even as the first signs of metal come into view, things remain rather soothing with Nex’s whispered style of black metal vocals fitted right into the atmosphere that the band has created. But honestly the vocals aren’t really the focus here, with the band placing extremely heavy emphasis on the instrumental and atmospheric aspects of their music, like the 7-minute instrumental La Terra Rossa Di Marte. Even the more extreme moments are filled with melodies and heavy emotions, especially in the lead guitar lines that are littered throughout the album, and the ease with which the band goes from a completely soothing segment to one that is aggressive like on Sovrarobotizzazione. There are moments where it almost sounds like a more futuristic, sci-fi version of bands like Code with the avant-garde style of black metal.

If that isn’t enough to convince you to check out Progenie Terrestre Pura‘s music, then the awesome album artwork should at least rouse some interest in sci-fi freaks. If you enjoyed their demo in 2011, then U.M.A. will definitely make things all the more interesting, with three brand new tracks that further push the limits of the band in their musical expression, and in no time one would find himself completely mesmerised.

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