Album Review: Quest of Aidance – Dark Are The Skies At Hand

Quest of Aidance [Sweden]
Dark Are The Skies At Hand
Death Metal/Grindcore

Christian Älvestam sure is hardworking, being in a host of bands that have released numerous albums in recent years, including The Few Against Many and Solution.45. I personally got to know of his works through Scar Symmetry, and was impressed through the ways he was able to execute his vocals, both growls and clean vocals. On Quest of Aidance though, expect no such vocals as Christian executes what is perhaps his most brutal vocals so far.

While Quest of Aidance brings to the table mostly your regular death metal/grindcore, with breakneck speed drumming, beyond the chaotic and heavy riffing of guitarist Jonas, there are touches of other influences such as melodic death metal littered throughout the album, such as the riffs on Red Dust.

The highlight on the EP is perhaps the 2 instrumental tracks that were included on the album. Soundtrack to Hish is a trippy ride (minus all the heavy instrumentation) with a heavy atmosphere and a beat that resonates throughout the track, feeling as though someone were pounding your chest without mercy. Yautjan Overture throws you into another type of hell, with a more theatrical feel, complete with strings and operatic vocals.

The sudden jump back to the death metal/grindcore madness after the two “chillout” (well, not exactly) tracks can certainly give an old man a heart attack, or shock a dead person back to life, and I mean that in the best way possible.

A seemingly schizophrenic album, yet an extremely enjoyable mind-fucking ride. Like all good grindcore albums, this album is over before you know it, and you will unknowingly find yourself searching for that play button, ready for the 15 minute ride all over again.

My only gripe? Too short, too damn short! Hint: listen multiple times back to back for full effect!

Quest of Aidance on the internet:
Official website
Pulverised Records

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