Album Review: Rapture – Infernal Manifest

Rapture - Infernal Manifest

Rapture [Mexico]
Infernal Manifest
Full Length
American Line Productions
Death Metal

I almost thought that this was gonna be a black metal album with the artwork style being rather reminiscent to what many black/death metal bands are utilising these days, but to my surprise, Mexican horde Rapture presents instead a rather brutal style of death metal with their third full length exploit, Infernal Manifest.

Introductory track Demential Malignant World throws the listener into an asylum with the insane rantings that are included, but soon enough all hell breaks loose. Rapture‘s brutal style of death metal is rather reminiscent to bands such as Immolation with that low, grinding style of riffing that guitarist Miguel makes use of, crushing yet with high intensity with the trem-picking. The Suffocation and Dying Fetus brutality also starts seeping out as the album progresses, fusing technicality with heaviness in their music. At the same time, the frenzy that can be felt in the music and the chaotic lead guitars on the album also bring about some Morbid Angel or Malevolent Creation comparisons, only put to a more brutal mode over here. There are even some slight blackened touches here and there to make the journey all the more blasphemous and evil-sounding.

Drummer Ivan steals much of the limelight over here with his tireless, and almost effortless blasting that he engages in. The speed, intensity and force that he punishes his drum kit with leaves listener with little time to catch his breath, and is definitely one of the personal highlights of the album.

Unfortunately, there are some gripes about the album, with the most pressing one being the awkward transitions between tracks, with tracks ending rather unexpectedly then jumping to the next track, catching the listener unaware and breaking the flow that the band might have built up in the previous track. One almost wondered if it were a manufacturing fault on the CD, only to realise that this could have been the style the band has intentionally utilised on Infernal Manifest.

Apart from that, Rapture‘s third full length effort is definitely an enjoyable album, more so for fans of death metal of the crushing and brutal New York variants such as Immolation and Suffocation, with the band including a rather tongue-in-cheek cover of AC/DC‘s Hells Bells to bring the album to a close.

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