Album Review: Rectified Spirit – Rectified Spirit

Rectified Spirit - Rectified Spirit

Rectified Spirit [India]
Rectified Spirit
Full Length
Demonstealer Records
Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore

There was a time when metal from Asia was rather unheard of (with the exception of numerous greats), and metal was generally restricted to Europe and the Americas. But gone are the days, with bands coming out from all over the world and countries least expected. India is one such country, having produced excellent bands such as Demonic Resurrection and Kryptos. After numerous years since their formation and a short hiatus, Rectified Spirit finally releases their debut full length album, Rectified Spirit.

Back with a fresh lineup and comprising 2 original members, Rectified Spirit is an interesting album with a modern take on metal. While To Hold a Sabre starts off with a melodic death metal-esque galloping riffing style, and for the most part Rectified Spirit maintains a rather melodic death metal sound, as the album progresses, one would be able to spot quite a large variety of influences from the entire metal music spectrum. Vocalist Rainjong displays his versatility, and while his “normal” singing is nothing particularly special, he is able to go into high pitched, strong heavy metal-styled vocals to the death growls on the more aggressive segments on the album, and the ability to both hit high pitches is definitely rather impressive. The riffs unleashed by Samudragupta and Dishankan are energetic, and the solos are melodic, making this an album that will appeal to fans of melodic death metal.

Unfortunately, the production here does not do the music justice, as the guitar and drums in the mix sound rather weak, losing some of the potential impact. Furthermore, the drum tone sounds rather sterile, making it have a synthetic feel not unlike programmed drums and this definitely affects the enjoyability of the album slightly as well. The metalcore influences are also rather strong on the album, and this is one thing that bugs me throughout the album, being personally not a fan of the style of that genre, and this is most evident in the vocal execution of Rainjong, the alternating, and at times layering, of clean melodic singing and growls. But softer songs like The Magician’s Birthday are surprisingly enjoyable, and display the band’s songwriting abilities, rather reminiscent to Pantera‘s Cemetery Gates with the emotions that are infused in the track and the song progression.

While Rectified Spirit didn’t do much for me, fans of the genre would probably find this album a rather refreshing one with the nice mix of aggression and melody.

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