Album Review: Revolted Masses – Us Or Them

Revolted Masses - Us or Them

Revolted Masses [Greece]
Us Or Them
Full Length
Death/Thrash Metal

With the crisis in Greece over the recent years, it is hardly surprising that words are spoken and statements are made, and Revolted Masses presents their discontent and unhappiness in the form of their debut full length album, Us or Them.

The opening speech at the start of Savage Temper gives some sense of hope to the listener, but any such optimism is quickly dashed with the first riffs that greet the listener, and the anger that the band feels gushes out and hits the listener hard. The riffs unleashed by guitarists Kostas and Vaggelis are crushing, yet groovy at the same time, and along with the gruff vocals of Triantafyllidis, one can’t help but be reminded of the groovier moments of bands such as Sepultura or Soulfly. At the same time, songs like Us or Them even brings in some slight Meshuggah moment, with the band taking some time to show off their chops.

Throughout the album though, the band doesn’t miss out on the melodic aspects of their songwriting, evident from the rhythmic progression of the songs and in the soaring leads that the axe-wielding duo often include. Even on the more aggressive moments such as title track Us or Them, Triantafyllidis switches to a more melodic style of singing on top of his angry shouts. Songs like War in Heaven even uses some traditional percussions and acoustic guitars, bringing in some tribal elements into their songwriting (and I have to admit, reminds me somewhat of bands like Rudra which really isn’t a bad thing at all).

The production job on Us or Them is stellar, and every grinding riff, every angry word spat out by Triantafyllidis and punishing hit of Anamouroglou on the skins fuse together nicely to often create an impactful wall of sound. The band also utilises various effects throughout the album to create a sense of unease, emulating the feelings of chaos. Apart from the various sound samples of major events around the world on 686f72726f72, there are also the usage of the warping effects at the end of Us or Them to make things as uncomfortable as possible for the listener.

With albums like Us or Them, having crises may not be such a bad thing after all musically speaking, and the inspirations of Revolted Masses have certainly served the band well in expressing their discontent and dissatisfaction. Us or Them is a surprisingly powerful album, yet melodic to ensure that the music remains accessible enough for those who aren’t into music that is too extreme.

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