Album Review: Sargeist – Feeding the Crawling Shadows

Sargeist - Feeding the Crawling Shadows

Sargeist [Finland]
Feeding the Crawling Shadows
Full Length
World Terror Committee
Black Metal

There’s no doubt about the diligence of Shatraug, as he puts out at least one material in at least one of his many projects each year. The new full length by Horna left me extremely impressed and craving for even more Finnish black metal, which was thereafter satisfied with the release of a compilation of Sargeist tracks that have appeared on splits and EPs over the years. So a couple of days back, I got a nice surprise, receiving yet another new Sargeist release in the form of their fourth full length album, Feeding the Crawling Shadows.

Fans of Finnish black metal who have already been following Sargeist or Horna would probably know what to expect, especially with the increasingly aggressive path that Shatraug has taken on their last full length effort, Let the Devil In. On Feeding the Crawling Shadows, this aggression becomes even more obvious, and one of the first thing that caught my ear was the change in vocal approach of Hoath on the opening title track, who chooses a vocal style that is much deeper than all his past works with Sargeist, especially when compared to the Satanic Black Devotion and Disciple of the Heinous Path. This honestly took some getting used to, with myself very much preferring the style that were on the first two Sargeist releases, and taking a few listens to really absorb and understand Let the Devil In. Fortunately, for the most part of the album, Hoath takes a more traditional vocal approach, though the increased coarseness of his vocals can still be noticed.

Music-wise though, Feeding the Crawling Shadows is what Sargeist has been putting out over the years, and there is little surprise for fans of the band over here. The riffs unleashed by Shatraug is rather predictable and are comparable to compatriots Horna or Behexen, but this is exactly what followers of the band like. However, the music on Feeding the Crawling Shadows have a rather epic feel at times, with the drumming style of Horns even bringing in some slight Bathory influences.

As with most Shatraug releases, Feeding the Crawling Shadows is a classic-sounding Finnish black metal through and through, predictable, with no surprises that are hidden for the listener. Fans of Finnish black metal will definitely gladly devour this new release.

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