Album Review: Sargeist – The Rebirth of a Cursed Existence

Sargeist - The Rebirth of a Cursed Existence

Sargeist [Finland]
The Rebirth of a Cursed Existence
World Terror Committee
Black Metal

Shatraug’s diligence in putting out great releases in succession whether in bands like Horna or in his own project Sargeist is obvious, with each of the Sargeist releases being well-acclaimed black metal masterpieces in their own rights. Apart from the three full lengths that have been put out, quite some material of Shatraug have been on split releases of the band, making it quite hard for one to own a complete collection of Sargeist materials. It is fortunate then that the band has released The Rebirth of a Cursed Existence, a nice collection of Sargeist tracks that were previously only available on vinyl, tape and compilation releases. To sweeten things up, the songs were even remastered, ensuring a consistent audio quality throughout the compilation.

For the fan of Sargeist but has had a difficult time tracking down all their material The Rebirth of a Cursed Existence is all the more welcome a gift, with the compilation tracking the earlier days of the band up to their more recent EPs, allowing for one to track the stylistics of the band. Right from the opening track Reaping with Curses and Plague I am quickly reminded of my love for Finnish black metal once again, with that somewhat depressive melodies that bands from the region manage to pull out, fusing with the cold atmosphere to create a really bleak and desolate listening experience. The similarities to compatriots such as Satanic Warmaster, Behexen and Horna are striking and unsurprising, but I’m certainly not complaining over here. Fans of Finnish black metal would certainly know what they are getting into with The Rebirth of a Cursed Existence, for the band does not plant any surprises over here.

Those who have followed my posts would know how much I abhor and detest compilation releases, and even those of my personal favourite bands would be seen as quick cash grabs. But The Rebirth of a Cursed Existence is certainly a worthy compilation with the hard-to-find material of Sargeist conveniently put together into a single release, pleasing just about any fan of Finnish black metal.

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