Album Review: Satanic Warmaster – Nachzehrer

Satanic Warmaster - Nachzehrer

Satanic Warmaster [Finland]
2010/2014 (PLP Reissue)
Full Length
Werewolf Records/Hells Headbangers
Black Metal

Satanic Warmaster, one of the first black metal bands that I got really obsessed with early into my foray into the genre. Carelian Satanist Madness was one of the very first blind buys that I made, and suffice to say, Satanic Warmaster was easily the band that got me really into the genre, along with making Finland the favourite source of black metal for me.

Nachzehrer, originally released in 2010, gets the picture LP treatment this year under Hells Headbangers. While receiving much flak from fans of the band, Nachzehrer ranks as one of my personal favourite albums, along with releases from compatriots SargeistHorna and Behexen. Following what the band had set down 5 years earlier, Nachzehrer is a raw as fuck effort, and right from the get go it is obvious that Satanic Warmaster harbours not a single intention in reinventing the genre, being satisfied with releasing black metal the way it was intended to be – harsh, cold and raw. The opening Intro sets the ominous mood that will last for the entirety of Nachzehrer, and things get grim quickly enough as the band goes into Satan’s Werewolf, and one instantly feels the coldness that emanates from the material of the band.

On Nachzehrer, everything screams Finnish from the riffs that are unleashed to the relentless atmosphere that is on the album. On top of the usual fare that Satanic Warmaster provides, band mastermind Werwolf even includes chaotic guitar solos on the album, making things even more uneasy for the listener. Werwolf’s trademark blood-curdling shrieks are taken a notch higher over here, and slower tracks like Rotting Raven’s Blood even see him using inhuman screeches, sending shivers down one’s back.

The entire album progression is well thought-out, with the slower tracks on the album, Rotting Raven’s Blood and the ambient track Utug-Hul being placed towards the end of the album, and as one listens to the album one instinctively knows that things are coming to a grim end. The one thing that made me like Carelian Satanist Madness was in how Satanic Warmaster ends their album, and Utug-Hul in particular stood out from the rest of the album, with the spoken chants of Werwolf, giving a somewhat pagan touch.

As already mentioned, Werwolf and Satanic Warmaster are not out to innovate the genre, and Nachzehrer is good proof and a nice sample of the band’s work – true underground, satanic black metal.

[xrr rating=5/5]

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