Album Review: Skinelpsy – Condemning the Empty Souls

Skinlepsy - Condemning the Empty Souls

Skinlepsy [Brazil]
Condemning the Empty Souls
Full Length
Thrash Metal

Condemning the Empty Souls might be Brazilian thrash metal band Skinlepsy‘s debut full length album, but the members behind this South American outfit are definitely not amateurs to the genre, with members hailing from other excellent bands such as Siegrid Ingrid and Nervochaos. Forming all the way back in 2003 before going on hiatus, Condemning the Empty Souls is somewhat like a reunion album.

Crucial Worlds kicks off with an intro that is not unlike that of the now-classic Sepultura album Arise, and considering the origins of the band this is hardly surprising. As the first riffs hit the listener, this comparison is further strengthened with the death metal-influenced style of brutal thrash metal (as self-described by the band), and one is thrown into a crazy myriad of crushing, yet groovy riffs of Andre, backed by the relentless battery of Evandro. The comparison to the aforementioned is further strengthened by the vocals of Andre, whose hardcore-styled shouts and barks at times brings about comparisons to the likes of Max Cavalera, and one can only imagine how much more barbaric the experience could get if only the lyrics were done completely in one of those South American languages.

At the same time, the complexity and technicality that the band displays throughout the album, along with the merciless brutality that is on Condemning the Empty Souls easily reminds one of yet another outstanding Brazilian export, Krisiun. This especially so with the fast and furious finger works of Andre, who also manages to keep himself in check to not get too indulged in the technicality and forget about the melodic aspects of the music.

The modern production quality makes the entire listening experience of Condemning the Empty Souls even more abrasive and suffocating, as the bass of Luis manages to create an oppressive as fuck atmosphere, backing the entire onslaught of the band.

With bands such as Skinlepsy and quality releases such as Condemning the Empty Souls, one can be sure that South American metal is very much alive and kicking.

[xrr rating=4/5]

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