Album Review: Suture – Carnivorous Urge to Kill

Suture - Carnivorous Urge to Kill

Suture [USA]
Carnivorous Urge to Kill (Reissue)
Full Length
Comatose Music
Brutal Death Metal

With the return of American brutal death metal band Suture in 2012 after their 4 year hiatus comes a resurgence in the interest in their old material. Apart from the excellent pre-hiatus 2008 release Skeletal Vortex, this year sees the band re-recording and reissuing their debut album, Carnivorous Urge to Kill, complete with numerous guest spots from high profile veterans such as James Murphy and Rick Rozz.

The band quickly shows off their brutal style of death metal, and right from the start the brutality and relentless blast beats immediately remind one of brutal death pioneers such as Suffocation and Dying Fetus. The riffing and lead playing of guitarists Jason and Lance are frantic and chaotic as fuck, and there are even moments where we hear them including some haunting lead lines to ensure that the listener feels a sense of unease throughout the record, if he weren’t being crushed by the aural onslaught of Suture. Along with the rather complex bass lines of Bruno, the axe-wielding duo provide much of the technicalities in the music as well. Drummer Brent also steals the limelight with his merciless style, and for the most part of the record blasts through with much ease, providing much of the heaviness and intensity of Carnivorous Urge to Kill. For instance, there are  moments on the album like on Bloodsoaked where some Incantation comparisons can be made.

Along with the re-recording comes a brand new production and sound of the album, and honestly this isn’t a bad thing either, as one of the first thing that one notices when listening to Carnivorous Urge to Kill is the much more modern and updated production quality. While the raw and filthy sound that was on the original provided a nice old school touch, the more polished sound that is on the re-recorded album certainly gives a much different flavour, and in some ways even enhances the listening experience of Suture.

Apart from Carnivorous Urge to Kill, the 2008 Skeletal Vortex also proves the band’s playing and songwriting abilities. With the band now back on track again, and the quality of the band’s material, it has certainly left me anticipating for more new material from Suture.

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