Album Review: Sxuperion – Through Cosmic Corridors

Sxuperion - Through Cosmic Corridors

Sxuperion [USA]
Through Cosmic Corridors
Full Length
Bloody Mountain Records
Black/Death Metal

After more than 15 years, and numerous EP and demo releases, American black/death metal band Sxuperion this year finally drops its debut full length album, Through Cosmic Corridors. The description of the album as atmospheric death metal immediately got my interest, and left me to wonder if this was going to be another Fallujah or Septicflesh onslaught.

Instead, as soon as Through Cosmic Corridors begins with Purulent Spiritual Interstellar Void begins, one instinctively knows that this was gonna be something that is much rawer, and more primitive than the polished, atmospheric style that one encounters with the aforementioned bands. As soon as the first riffs hit the listener, one is quickly reminded of that bestial style of bands such as Pseudogod or Teitanblood with the abrasive trem-picked riffs and that ruthless blasting, along with the whole suffocating atmosphere that Sxuperion has created as part of their sound.

The atmospherics obviously play a large part of Through Cosmic Corridors, and the most obvious way is through the cavernous sound of the entire record, allowing for the entire cacophony of Sxuperion to sound even more powerful. This is also strengthened in the songwriting, where haunting lead guitars are often layered beneath the chaos, and avant-gardish moments with sound samples are included strategically like on Advanced Matter Drive for Ecclesiastical Dust to ensure that constant ominous feeling that the listener experiences while listening to the album. This is also where the black metal influences come into play, with things like the dissonant riffs thrown about, as though Through Cosmic Corridors weren’t a punishing enough record.

To confuse listeners even more, Sxuperion has even included an ambient track A World Out of Time towards the end of the record, and while musically out of place from what the band has shown so far, the calmness is certainly inviting and would have served as a perfect outro after all the destruction caused prior.

The entire chaos and sense of unease that one feels from listening to this record at times even brings about comparisons to such bands as Portal or the slightly less offensive Impetuous Ritual. Yet overall, such chaos is what one seeks when listening to a band like Sxuperion, and they have sufficiently captured this on Through Cosmic Corridors.

[xrr rating=4/5]

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