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Terminal Death - Terminal Death

Terminal Death [USA]
Terminal Death
Shadow Kingdom Records
Death Metal

While Shaun Glass is now better known for his works with bands like Broken Hope and Dirge Within, early in the 80s he was in a little-known death metal band Terminal Death, marking his first works in the extreme metal circuit. While the band had only released a mere 2 demos before their eventual disintegration, this year Shadow Kingdom Records unearths the material on the demo, to be presented via a new, eponymous compilation, featuring a couple of rehearsals alongside the lost demo material of ’84 and ’85.

Although often compared to early Death and Possessed, there is much more happening on Terminal Death. Opening track Terminal Death kicks off with a rather Obituary-esque mid-paced but hard-hitting riff, but very quickly the band introduces a sound that is more akin to the early material of Teutonic legends such as Kreator and Destruction with the recklessness abound in Terminal Death‘s sound. But with the fusion of the speed and intensity of thrash metal and the aggressiveness of death metal, very soon enough fans of Sepultura will also fall in love with the musical style of Terminal Death. To make things even more chaotic, there is even that Kerry King-inspired leads that the band incorporated into their songwriting.

Like many such compilations which feature demos and rehearsals, there is quite some repetition in the track list, with some tracks appearing up to three times on the release, each recorded during different parts of ’85 and ’86, and this is honestly the only gripe that I have, causing the compilation winding up longer (and more repetitive) than it should be. To be fair though, the live rehearsals also contained gems in the form of 3 previously unreleased tracks of Terminal Death. However, for those that like to hear live renditions of tracks, this is definitely one feature of the compilation that should not be missed out.

Despite Terminal Death‘s very short career, the material that has been presented on Terminal Death is more than sufficient to showcase the talent that the band contained. Fans of Floridian death metal such as Morbid Angel and Death, as well as the more aggressive thrash metal style such as Sepultura and the Teutonic bands will definitely need to have Terminal Death added to their collections.

[xrr rating=4/5]

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