Album Review: The King is Blind – The Deficiencies of Man

The King is Blind - The Deficiencies of Man

The King is Blind [UK]
The Deficiencies of Man
Death/Doom Metal

The UK has seen no shortage of outstanding death metal bands, with some of my personal favourites such as Grave Miasma and Cruciamentum spawning from the region. The King is Blind is one of the newest additions to the Essex metal scene, and despite being formed only last year, The Deficiencies of Man is already the band’s third release, and their first EP.

In keeping with the tradition that many death metal bands out of the country, The King is Blind introduces the listener to their musical style with A Thousand Burning Temples, and the grinding yet somewhat groovy riffs of Lee James and Paul Ryan immediately remind one of pioneers such as Bolt Thrower and Benediction, though with the cavernous backdrop and aggression of Grave Miasma or Teitanblood.

Yet instead of just settling down into one comfortable style, The King is Blind ensures that one is kept sitting on the edge of his seat with the unpredictability of their musical style. Of Osiris & Execration sees the band take things a notch in a different direction, and it is on this track where the doom and black metal influences of the band take the spotlight. The bleak riffs and outlook that the band presents at the start of the track, along with the vocal style of Steve on this track quickly reminds us of the coldness of the second wave Norwegian black metal. Halfway through the track though, the band takes a different route, and the crushing and somewhat groovy riffs instead take a turn towards the epic doom style of bands like Candlemass, a nice change of pace.

Things turn ugly again once more quickly with Thorns that Pierce the Skull, with the abrasiveness of the track bringing in some Spanish barbarity of Avulsed or Christ Denied.

Overall, what a versatile release The King is Blind has put out, with this being only their first EP release. And with the ability to maintain the quality of the musicianship and songwriting on The Deficiencies of Man, I already can’t wait to hear what else the band will be able to put together on their first full length album.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

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