Album Review: The Moth Gatherer – A Bright Celestial Light

The Moth Gatherer - A Bright Celestial Light

The Moth Gatherer [Sweden]
A Bright Celestial Light
Full Length
Agonia Records
Experimental/Progressive Metal

Agonia Records has been signing quite a few rather unique bands lately, deviating from their usual trend of black and death metal acts with some stoner and doom bands such as Beissert and Tombstone HighwayThe Moth Gatherer is one of the label’s latest offerings, and while many metalcore bands have gone under the guise of the progressive metal and experimental label, the band’s debut A Bright Celestial Light seems rather promising.

The label describes The Moth Gatherer‘s music as one that is hard to define and defies genre classification, and this is rather obvious as the album starts off with The Water that we All Come to Need. Starting off rather slowly, the band introduces their music to the listener with a rather calming section, complete with acoustic guitars. But with little warning, everything comes crashing down as the first heavy riffs of the band hits the listener, and the doom pace that the band goes at ups the intensity and the feeling of doom and hopelessness in the listener. The vocals on the album are tortured as hell, and this definitely helps to add to the overall ominous atmosphere on the album.

The entire listening experience of A Bright Celestial Light is a rather disturbing one, and the band often suddenly breaks into sections filled with dissonant chords, ensuring that the listener is kept in a state of unease as often as possible. Moments such as these also bring in a slight nod to the weird, French black metal sound such as Blut aus Nord and Deathspell Omega. Furthermore, the band switches between different styles often without warning, going from calm to complete and utter chaos and destruction at times least expected, and this is certainly part of what makes listening to A Bright Celestial Light an exciting experience. There are even moments where the band layers disturbing guitars with melodic and soothing keyboards together, and this certainly messes with the listener’s mind.

The wide variety of genres that The Moth Gatherer have drawn inspiration from when writing the music are also surprisingly done so tastefully, and while I usually like few bands that fuse electronic elements into their music, the band has certainly done so nicely on A Bright Celestial Light, complementing the mood and atmosphere of the music. There are even some slight post-metal moments on Intervention, providing some moments of quiet retrospection for the listener. The surprises that the band has put in place on A Bright Celestial Light, and the superb execution of the songs ensure that the journey is one that will keep the listener enchanted throughout.

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