Album Review: Those Who Bring the Torture – Piling Up

Those Who Bring the Torture - Piling Up

Those Who Bring the Torture [Sweden]
Piling Up
Full Length
Selfmadegod Records
Death Metal/Grindcore

Those Who Bring the Torture is yet another one of many projects of Swedish death metal stalwart Rogga Johansson, and boasts among its ranks fellow Paganizer band mate Dennis Blomberg. Piling Up being my first encounter with the band, I already half-expected this to be yet another slab of Swedish death metal, judging from the whole host of Rogga projects that I have listened to thus far.

Yet Those Who Bring the Torture surprised me quite a bit on their fourth full length release, and opening track Under Twin Suns instead presents a style that is more reminiscent of that grinding style of Bolt ThrowerBenediction and the likes. The riffs of Rogga and Dennis are crushing yet with that sense of groove at the same time, backed heavily by the equally prominent bass lines. Rogga is also top of his game, vocal-wise on Piling Up, and the alternating between gruff growls and higher-pitched shrieks further add to the aggressive touch and intensity on the record.

At the same time, the band infuses some elements of melody into the songwriting, and along with the grooviness on tracks like The Gateway, one is also reminded of the later works of bands like Jungle Rot.

Rogga and his many projects may have become type-casted into certain subgenres within the metal scene, yet with projects such as Megascavenger and Those Who Bring the Torture, he once again brings some nice surprise to fans of his works.

[xrr rating=4/5]

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