Album Review: Twitch of the Death Nerve – A New Code of Morality

Twitch of the Death Nerve - A New Code of Morality

Twitch of the Death Nerve [UK]
A New Code of Morality
Full Length
Comatose Music
Brutal Death Metal

After close to 10 years, London brutal death metal band Twitch of the Death Nerve finally drops their debut full length album in the form of A New Code of Morality. Featuring Lille Gruber of Defeated Sanity fame amongst its ranks, one would know what to expect, with the last Defeated Sanity release being one of the heaviest and crushing albums of recent times.

The band wastes little time in introducing their aggressive and crushing brand of brutal death metal to the listeners, and the moment the album begins with Peculiar Perversions Particular to the Piquerist, expect nothing but brutal riffs after riff, and punishing drums to accompany. The similarities to bands such as Defeated Sanity and Deeds of Flesh are clear, especially in the riffing of Tom Bradfield, who alternates between the chugging, riff-heavy style that bands such as Devourment or Kraanium have popularised, to the more technical and rather complex patterns that lean closer to that of Suffocation or Dying Fetus. Bassist Tom Carter aids in the heaviness with the low-end growl that he provides, often mirroring the technical lines of Bradfield, yet holding his ground with the few moments of brilliance that are hidden on the record where he gets to show off his chops.

The vocals of Bradfield are tortured and indecipherable as fuck, and the grindish touch that he has in his vocal execution, one can’t help but bring about comparisons with other contemporary acts such as Cerebral Bore as well.

But what really takes the cake over here is the drumming of Lille, which was what initially got my attention on Defeated Sanity as well. As per the style that he exhibited on Defeated Sanity, the usage of two different sounding snares help to create a more dynamic sound on the album, with that rather clanky sound creating a deeper impact with the resultant higher reverb, complementing the relentless riffs of Bradfield and Carter at the same time.

As though the album weren’t punishing enough, Twitch of the Death Nerve even includes spoken samples on the album, causing A New Code of Morality to be an album that is not only crushing as hell, but equally uneasy as well.

[xrr rating=4/5]

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