Album Review: Tyrants Blood – Into the Kingdom of Graves

Tyrants Blood - Into The Kingdom Of Graves

Tyrants Blood [Canada]
Into the Kingdom of Graves
Full Length
Black/Death Metal

Formed by ex-Blasphemy guitarist Marco Banco, Canada’s Tyrants Blood with their new effort Into the Kingdom of Graves is into their third full length release now. And with classic releases like Fallen Angel of Doom… under his belt, Marco Banco and co ensures that Tyrants Blood keeps up with the intensity as Into the Kingdom of Graves would go on to prove.

Having already experienced Tyrants Blood and Crushing Onward into Oblivion prior to this, one would know what to expect from the band: relentless, crushing yet bestial black/death metal, not unlike their Ross Bay Cult compatriots. And Into the Kingdom of Graves certainly continues this momentum with increased intensity this time round. With Spiral Sea, the onslaught is relentless. The riffs that are unleashed by Marco range from the crushing style of bands like Antediluvian and Bestial Raids to the at times buzzsaw, simplistic style of Black Witchery and that chaotic style of bands such as Morbid Angel or Angelcorpse.

Yet at the same time, unlike their compatriots who simply focus on speed and chaos, there seem to be a slight emphasis on the technical side to the band as well, evident from the at times complex riffs of Marco, but the thing that steals the limelight over here is bassist Vinnie. Right from the start of the album, he shows off his chops, and on top of keeping up with the speed, he often punctuates songs with his own touch of technicality, with the high mix of the bass certainly making things all the more stellar. The entire experience is made all the more intense with the high octane speed that Tyrants Blood tends to go at, and this is often at the courtesy of drummer Matt, who executes blasting sections with much ease. The usage of both the growls of Brian and the piercing high pitched growl/shrieks at the background is also effective, and there are moments where the band’s new effort reminds me of the excellent Zygoatsis debut as well especially on Conjure the Watcher.

And as though the brutality that Tyrants Blood has presented on Into the Kingdom of Graves weren’t enough to convince the listener, the band even throws in a surprise in the form of Within Outer Scars to spice things up a little, adding some slight respite amongst the madness.

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