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Under the Church

Under the Church [Sweden]
Under the Church
Pulverised Records
Death Metal

With Under the Church featuring 2 ex-members of the legendary Nirvana 2002, fans of Swedish death metal will definitely know what they are getting themselves into with the band’s new, eponymous EP, with their debut demo release last year already garnering critical acclaim.

Living up to the style that they, along with bands like Entombed and Nihilist have created, Under the Church kicks off with a shrill note that hits the listener, instantly sending chills down one’s back before hitting the listener with a barrage of old school Swedish death metal riffs. The abrasive tone and that particular way of chugging quickly reminds one of the classic works of bands such as Dismember and Entombed, while that haunting melody that the band utilises as well as the effects such as that far-sounding lead also reminds one of the earlier works of Bloodbath. The doomish pace that the band takes on Haunted by Demons helps bring in some Grave comparisons, while the crushing riff, intertwined and punctuated by pinch harmonics on Macabre Cadaver reminds one of the brutal and ruthless works of Demilich, giving off a slight Finnish vibe in the process.

For the uninitiated, Under the Church is 7 tracks of unadulterated, old school Swedish death metal, and what makes Under the Church a different release from the many Swedish death metal releases of late is how each track displays a slight variation of the genre, allowing for Under the Church to show the different aspects of their songwriting. For instance, after the crushing Macabre Cadaver, the band follows up with the more melodic Digging in the Dirt before letting all hell break loose again with the high octane title track.

With Under the Church, Pulverised Records once again proves their penchant for expanding their roster with some of the most classic-sounding death metal bands.

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