Album Review: Various Artists – Afterparty Massacre Soundtrack

Various Artists
Afterparty Massacre Soundtrack
Ibex Moon Records
Death Metal/Grindcore

I used to be a fan of movie compilations, being a potential source for the discovery of bands that would possibly interest me enough to find out more about them. However, the liking for compilations eventually decreased as movie compilations get from bad to worse and finding a movie soundtrack compilation that features almost completely metal tracks get increasingly difficult.

Afterparty Massacre Soundtrack is the soundtrack for the upcoming horror-gore flick The Afterparty Massacre. With the soundtrack released under Ibex Moon Records, this soundtrack will definitely not go wrong, especially since bands such as Incantation, Feral and Gravehill are featured and fortunately this compilation does not disappoint.

The opening track Stairway to Hell is a sample taken from the movie, setting the dark and heavy mood for the rest of the compilation, with the sound of a woman running desperately (and futilely) for her life, backed by an ominous bass line and painfully slow drum beats. Denial Fiend begins the onslaught proper with the title track, Afterparty Massacre. Vocalist Blaine “Fart” Cook’s vocals take a while to get used to, a thrashy screech backed and driven by the aggressive yet groovy lines unleashed by the instrumental section. Bassist Terry Butler proves that his resume is not just all for show through the thick and heavy bass lines constant throughout the track.

Incantation surprises listeners with a new studio track, Absolved in Blood, their first one in 5 years and fortunately this track does not disappoint, with the heaviness and darkness in the music still present in the music, sure to get fans of old school death metal to get their heads banging in an instant. A live version of the song is also featured as the second last track of the compilation, a more aggressive take of the track with raw energy from the band threatening to burst out of the speakers, to satisfy any further cravings from fans. Bands such as Gravehill also standout with their cover of AC/DC‘s If You Want Blood (what could be more fitting?), a nice groovy fusion of rock n’ roll and death metal, paying tribute to old school rock n’ roll at the same time. Bands such as Soulless do not get complacent, and surprises listeners with their aggressive brand of melodic death metal and razor sharp lead guitar lines. Feral also presents listener with a track previously unreleased, their brand of death metal reminiscent of fellow countrymen Bloodbath. Fatalist‘s cover of Death‘s Beyond the Unholy Grave is done justice, putting a more modern and faster touch to the song, a fitting tribute to one of death metal’s greats.

Throughout the album, the bands featured do not let up, providing listeners of the compilation with a good time slashing and hacking up people all around them à la Afterparty Massacre style. Interludes in between songs are often samples taken off the movie, providing listeners with a preview of what’s to come in the movies, weaving seamlessly with the tracks to give listeners a wholesome experience. Tracks such as Kyle from Incantation Had to Take a Piss provide a tongue-in-cheek moment on the album as well.

Considering the amount of gems present in this compilation, this is definitely one release that fans of death metal (whatever the style one endorses) should get for there is something to please everyone present. It is sure to provide listeners with 50 minutes of headbanging madness and left with the urge to kill someone, anyone at all.

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