Album Review: Voice of the Soul – Eyes of Deceit

Voice of the Soul [Kuwait]
Eyes of Deceit
Melodic Death Metal

Voice of the Soul is a melodic/progressive death metal band out of Kuwait, and Eyes of Deceit is their second EP release.

The EP opens with Under a Blood Red Sky, with palm-muted riffs and an infectious groove. The progressive influences were obvious with the odd time signatures utilised throughout the song.

The next track, Farewell to Hope is a 7 and a half minute song. The fast paced intro came to a sudden slowdown as the (slowed down) main guitar line fades in, giving a slightly awkward shift in tempo, before the sudden speed up again, leaving me scratching my head for a moment before the track starts to sinks in. There are a few emotional moments on the track that while sounding cheesy, managed to fit the music well. One other thing that dragged the potential of the song down was the length of the song: towards the middle of the song it started to get boring and repetitive. Fortunately towards the end of the song a well-executed guitar solo kicks in, once again bringing out the emotion and atmosphere of the song.

The introduction of The Curse is a break of the tempo and the pace set up by the previous song, but soon falls back into the pace of Farewell to Hope. Not that it’s a bad thing, as it brings out yet another face of Voice of the Soul. The unpredictable drumming and the foreboding riffs certainly create an ominous impact on the listener. The song ends with a soft and emotion-drenched strings fade-out into the final track, The Light that Never Shone.

While this is possibly the slowest track on the record, it is where Voice of the Soul truly shines and displays proudly all their influences. For the first time, clean vocals are introduced, courtesy of Voice of the Soul producer and Nocturna singer, Sarj, (something that should definitely be done more often, considering the quality of his vocals) to bring out the agony that is felt. This usage of clean vocals contrasted by the growls and the atmospheric built up is reminiscent of gothic doom metal bands such as Draconian. There are also schizophrenic moments, for example at the 4:07 minute mark the pace is suddenly sped up and a clean guitar line is introduced in the song.

The one thing that helped in making the EP an enjoyable listen was the production quality of the EP, which was certainly done right, with all the instruments crystal clear and befitting for music as such.

An eclectic mix of various sub-genres of metal thrown into huge mixing pot, making Voice of the Soul’s music a brand of melodic death metal that they can rightfully call their own.

Farewell to Hope, was nominated as best rock/metal track of the Middle East 2010 for Rockability Magazine, please vote for Voice of the Soul by clicking here: Voting ends on 16 December so head down to their websites below and listen to the track, and if you like it, vote for it!

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  1. Please correct this mistake:The clean vocals on The Light That Never Shone was by Sarj, producer of Voice of the Soul and singer of Nocturna.Thanks again for the review-Kareem

  2. Sorry for the mistake, corrected!Thank you for pointing that out!-Hong Rui

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