Album Review: Vomitile – Igniting Chaos

Vomitile - Igniting Chaos

Vomitile [Cyprus]
Igniting Chaos
Full Length
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Death Metal

One of the very few metal acts out of Cyprus, Vomitile this year releases their debut full length album Igniting Chaos under extreme metal label Horror Pain Gore Death Records, and despite this being the first band out of the region that I listen to, on Igniting Chaos, the band easily proves their knowledge and proficiency of the death metal genre.

Wasting little time with the opening track Rise of the Wicked laying down the chaotic and war-torn backdrop, the band soon starts igniting chaos with Obliteraing Scourge, tearing shit up with their fast paced, high energy form of death metal. There is a whole range of influences that can be heard on the album, from the Floridian riffing style of bands like Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse, to the thrashy style that the band incorporates in their music, bringing bands such as Malevolent Creation to mind. Guitarists Panos and George also constantly litter the album with rather complex riffs, displaying the influences in their playing, and crushing riffs and heavy pinch harmonics utilised on songs like Repulsive Postured Gangrene sound like bands like Incantation on speed.

Vocalist Yiannis also has an uncanny resemblance to Martin Van Drunen and John Tardy, sounding like a cross between the two. Speed is of the essence on Igniting Chaos, and I think that is pretty evident right from the start as the entire album is a speed-fest from start to end, with drummer Hugo providing most of the fuel for this high octane ride. Unfortunately, it is also this overt focus on speed that causes the album to become rather stale after awhile, like a mindless blast fest without much variety though it certainly displays the band’s proficiency on their individual instruments.

The production quality on Igniting Chaos also helps in bringing out the savageness of the music, with the raw-sounding and abrasive tone of the guitars bearing rather striking resemblance to Swedish bands like Entombed, further widening the spectrum of influences that the band has put into their craft. And while the bass seemed to be mixed rather low on the first half of the album, when it surfaces on the second half, the low rumbling growls help to make the music even heavier, which brings me to the issue of the inconsistency of the production of the album. This is rather obvious as some tracks stand out from the others in the difference in the production, most evident in the sudden presence of the bass from Unleashing the Massacre onwards, though this is just a small complaint.

Overall though, this Cyprus outfit has certainly proven that they are fully capable of unleashing relentless, brutal death metal with their debut full length release, and Igniting Chaos would please fans of the old school, and fans of fast-paced thrashy death metal alike.

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