Album Review: Vorum – Poisoned Void

Vorum - Poisoned Void

Vorum [Finland]
Poisoned Void
Full Length
Woodcut Records/Dark Descent Records
Death Metal

With just an EP and a split with American death metal band Vasaeleth under their belts, Finnish death metal horde Vorum has managed to garner quite a following with their relentless, crushing brand of old school death metal. This year sees the band finally releasing their debut full length album in the form of Poisoned Void.

There’s no questioning really about the band’s following as soon as the album begins with Impetuous Fires, assaulting the aural senses mercilessly. The old school tendencies are immediately extremely obvious, with the loud, razor-sharp buzzsaw guitar tone being one that is extremely reminiscent of the sounds that Swedish legends like Entombed and Nihilist have created and popularised, yet the band does not simply go in the similar path as do many of the old school death metal worship bands these days. The riffs of guitarists Matti and Jonatan are crushing, and the often furiously trem-picked sections display the Incantation influences in their playing style.

However, the band’s display of their knowledge of death metal does not stop there as the band continues displaying influences from various sources as the album progresses. For instance, the alternating between intentionally sloppy-sounding drumming and full-on blast beat segments of drummer Mikko easily reminds one of the Swedish death metal style that bands like Repugnant and Grave have created. Also, being Finnish, it perhaps isn’t much of a surprise the influences that the band has drawn from old school Finnish bands such as Depravity and the likes, and this is evident in terms of the song structures, and that slightly blackened undertone that the music has in creating a haunting atmosphere, like a gory flick that one is trapped in without any chance of escape. And it is also this atmosphere that makes Vorum‘s Poisoned Void so appealing, especially with the raw and filthy production quality, avoiding the pitfalls of sounding too clean like many modern death metal bands. Furthermore, although the lead guitars on the album might sometimes get pretty melodic, don’t expect sunshines and flowers as these are often dark as hell, reinforcing the haunting and chilling atmosphere in the music.

The music on Poisoned Void takes the listener on a blistering journey with not a single moment where the listener is given a chance to catch his breath. The sheer brutality that is contrasted by the melodic lead guitars that are on the album create for a perfect, haunting death metal record that brings back the days of early death metal where gore and pure evilness reigned supreme. With Vorum‘s Poisoned Void, 2013 is off to a spectacular start indeed.

Vorum on the internet:
Official website
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