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Wormrot [Singapore]
Full Length

Singapore’s Wormrot has been causing a stir in the international grindcore scene, especially with the signing on to Earache Records and having their debut full length album reissued with bonus tracks – quite an achievement, considering that they were formed only back in 2007.

Wormrot themselves have claimed that they do not intend to bring anything new to the grindcore scene, but to celebrate and play what they enjoy playing the most. Their influences from classic grindcore bands are clearly prominent on their songs, such as Insect Warfare and Pretty Little Flower. I’ll admit, I’m no big grindcore fan but Wormrot’s Abuse has managed to capture my attention.

In true grindcore fashion, their songs are all extremely short, with most songs merely hitting the 1 minute mark and the entire album of 23 songs spanning a mere 22 minute. The guitar tone on this album especially stood out, with the low riffs being extremely crushing yet the high riffs clear and biting at the same time. Arif’s alternating vocal styles between a low guttural growl, pig squeals and hardcore shouts, at times layered to each other, display his versatility at different types of vocals. The drumming on this album also has to be mentioned. While the beats may sound simple, it certainly takes lots of stamina to pull it off, with Fitri abusing the drum set right from the start all the way through to the end of the 22 minutes.

The band also has tongue in cheek lyrics, such as on the 8-second track So Fierce For Fuck!? The band also writes about memorable times such as on the tracks Good Times and Indonesia. There is even an ambitious cover of Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Rich, further showing the band’s ability to have fun while being serious at the same time.

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