Album Review: Wormrot – Dirge

Wormrot [Singapore]
Full Length
Earache Records

Wormrot returns this year with Dirge, the first release of new material after being signed to Earache Records. Wormrot took the grindcore world with surprise with their debut full length effort, Abuse and it is no surprise that high expectations are held for their sophomore effort, Dirge.

Similar to most previous releases by Wormrot, the songs on Dirge all do not even hit the 2 minute mark, almost as if it were a curse, with the shortest tracks being a mere 4 seconds, true to their grindcore roots. The album opens with No One Gives a Shit, a heavy death metal riff greeting the listener, almost tricking him into thinking that this is going to be a heavier and more serious direction that Wormrot is heading towards. Well, this isn’t exactly wrong though the tempo chosen to open the track certainly is uncharacteristic of Wormrot.

However, with Compulsive Disposition, Wormrot gets to familiar ground once more, with the insanely and inhumanly fast speed that the music travels at. Vocalist Arif experiments more with different vocal styles, including shouts to bring out the aggression in the music. The simple riffs unleashed by guitarist Rasyid are backed by the drumming of Fitri in harmony, bringing about some of the most addictive music I have ever encountered since 2009’s Abuse. However, this is not all brainless riffing (and anyway, playing at such breakneck speed is already no mean feat by itself) as evident on the more melodic Deceased Operation, where the band alternates between fast and slow tempos, messing up with the listener’s sense of rhythm.

The raw energy on the songs is infectious, instantly bringing listeners to start a one-man moshpit while listening to it in their room. The short track runtimes means that there is hardly any time to rest at all, even with the slow down towards the end of Spot a Pathetic, as the band instantly breaks into the next round of madness with Evolved Into Nothing. The band often sounds as if they can’t help rushing towards the finish line in a race, and this is certainly not a bad thing for speed devils with ADD.

Also, the band ensures that despite the length (or lack of) of the tracks, they are put in such order that all tracks flow seamlessly from one to the next. The instrumental track The Final Insult provides the album with a fitting end with a slight slow down in tempo and increased intensity, leaving the listener high and dry and having him find himself pressing the play button all over again.

Of course, this album is not all serious and no fun, with the most notable track being the 4 second Fucking Fierce So What, seemingly a follow up to Abuse‘s So Fierce For Fuck?!, and the equally short You Suffer But Why is it My Problem. There is also the tongue-in-cheek track titled Butt Krieg is Showing.

Yet another awesome release by Wormrot, sending their point flying across to their listeners with 25 tracks in under 20 minutes. If you thought Abuse wasn’t aggressive enough, make sure you do not miss Dirge.

One more short piece of advice: do not blink or you’ll start missing out.

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