Album Review: Zombiefication – Reaper’s Consecration

Zombiefication [Mexico]
Reaper’s Consecration
Pulverised Records
Death Metal

Mexican death metal band Zombiefication‘s 2010 debut release Midnight Stench introduced listeners to the band’s style of death metal, emulating the style that old school Swedish death metal bands have created. Though nothing particularly memorable nor original on the record, the band’s energy seeping out of the music, and was a nice introduction to their brand of death metal. A year later, the band releases a five-track EP, Reaper’s Consecration, under Pulverised Records.

Apart from the obvious continuation in the themes that the band has included on Midnight Stench, in terms of the artwork, the music that is on Reaper’s Consecration also follows what was laid down with their debut record. The abrasive guitar tone, the riffing patterns and playing style on the guitar, and the gruff vocals of Mr. Hitch are still reminiscent of old school Swedish death metal legends such as Entombed and Nihilist, complete with the d-beat inspired drumming patterns on the EP. But on Reaper’s Consecration, Zombiefication has upped the intensity in the music, with the ferocious and hostile atmosphere that is present throughout the record. The chaos and destruction is however, often contrasted with the melodic lead playing style of guitarist Mr. Jacko.

Some of the low points that were present on Midnight Stench were the slower numbers, marring the experience and spoiling the pace and tempo that the band set on the album, often resulting in the band sounding rather direction-less instead. Fortunately, on Reaper’s Consecration, there is no such overly-slow and quiet moments, with the slower moments on the EP being made up for with the intensity and heaviness in the music like the bass-driven segment on Death Riders, and this has made Reaper’s Consecration an overall more powerful and memorable record compared to the previous full length, Midnight Stench, marking a step towards the right musical direction for Zombiefication.

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