Albums of the Month – January 2015

The Gods of Heavy Metal have been kind on metal heads, with so many outstanding releases so early into the new year. In January, bands – both underground and more, erm, mainstream – have put out some of their best works in their career so far. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top few picks of January 2015.

Iron Lamb – Fool’s Gold (30/1/2015)

Iron Lamb - Fool's Gold

Featuring members of bands such as DismemberRepugnant, General Surgery, etc… My point is, Iron Lamb features a lineup full of old school Swedish death metal veterans. Yet Fool’s Gold is nothing close to Swedish death metal, as the band indulges in their old school rock ‘n’ roll pleasures with their infectious brand of punk/metal fusion. While the band’s debut The Original Sin was a fun as hell, Motörhead-inspired record, Iron Lamb expands their range of influences on their sophomore full length. [Read our review of Fool’s Gold here]

Archgoat – The Apocalyptic Triumphator (26/1/2015)

Archgoat - The Apocalyptic TriumphatorAfter the short Heavenly Vulva EP release in 2011, Archgoat finally returns this year with their third full length release,The Apocalyptic Triumphator. A triumphal return indeed, as Archgoat proves that the studio silence has done nothing but to allow the band to further sharpen their skills in creating some of the darkest, heaviest black/death metal. Everything that one loves about Archgoat is still present, from the disturbing, haunting atmosphere to the indulging of doom-paced moments, leaving one constantly at the edge of his seat, awaiting for the next slab of crushing riffs to knock one out. This is Archgoat at the top of their game. [Read our review of The Apocalyptic Triumphator here]

Obscure Infinity – Perpetual Descent into Nothingness (26/1/2015)

Obscure Infinity - Perpetual Descending into Nothingness Late last year we received Obscure Infinity‘s brand new full length album as a sneak peak into what FDA Rekotz has in store for fans of death metal in the year 2015. Perpetual Descent into Nothingness is a rather fresh breath of air in the current state of death metal, as the band does not focus singularly on being fast, brutal or technical. Instead, the German death horde ensures that there is a nice balance between all elements that make death metal such a great genre – from the neoclassical-inspired lead guitars on the record, to the complexity and progressiveness of bands like Death and even to the atmospherics of black metal bands like Watain. Perpetual Descent into Nothingness, contrary to the title, is one exciting and interesting record from beginning till the end. [Read our review of Perpetual Descent into Nothingness here]

Hate – Crvsade:Zero [30/1/2015]

HATE - Crvsade ZeroHate has always lived in the shadows of their more popular compatriots, Behemoth and with the latter’s return with last year’s excellent The Satanist, expectations were present for Polish bands to up their game. Enter Crvsade:ZeroHate‘s ninth full-length release in their almost 25-year career. The band manages to tick all the boxes with Crvsade:Zero, and from the start till the end, one is treated to an hours’ worth of atmospheric blackened death metal. Sure, there are moments where the band just goes into pure Behemoth-worship, but if you did not have your Polish death metal fix with last year’s Behemoth and Vader releases, then Hate‘s Crvsade:Zero is the solution.

Other notable mentions:

Desolate Shrine – The Heart of the Netherworld
Marduk – Frontschwein
Napalm Death – Apex Predator – Meat Easy

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