Begerith – A.D.A.M.

Born out of Mother Russia all the way back in 2003, black/death metal band Begerith has since relocated to the land of blackened death metal Poland. 14 years since their formative days, here we are with their sophomore full length album, A.D.A.M. Perhaps it is something about the waters of Poland, but as soon as one presses the play button, A.D.A.M. would instantly sound familiar to followers of the Polish scene.

In a nutshell, A.D.A.M. is Polish black/death metal in its full glory. From the opening moments of the album, one is reminded of the works of legends like Behemoth or Hate, though Begerith‘s works more closely resembles the former. The riffs unleashed by Alexey and Andrey are reminiscent of those that Nergal dishes out, especially of the aforementioned’s later output post-Demigod.  The orchestral elements that the band includes rather gratuitously throughout the record also adds some rather dramatic elements that are not unlike the material on Behemoth‘s The Satanist or Evangelion, bringing me back to the days of Ov the Fire and the Void.

Though Behemoth seems to be the main influence on the band, there are moments on the album where other inspirations seem to be present as well. For instance, the speed and blasts on A.D.A.M. II comes close to the works of the thrashier style that Vader prefers.

Everything about A.D.A.M. screams Polish, and this is not only in the musical style of Begerith, but also in the production quality of the album. The sound is extremely polished (pun intended, hehe), and that lead guitar tone is so Nergal-ish that there are moments where I found it hard to distinguish them and Behemoth. But what I especially liked is how the bass of Egor is placed rather high in the mix, with the heavy tone of his instrument helping to add to that crushing intensity of A.D.A.M. After all, this is an output of the famed Hertz Studio, so perhaps we shouldn’t be expecting any less.

A.D.A.M. is a solid piece of Polish-styled black/death metal, and is sure to please fans of Behemoth or Hate. Heck, even their makeup live also bears that resemblance to those bands. With the last Behemoth release already being a distant 3-year ago, A.D.A.M. is an album that would be more than enough to satiate the thirst for fans of this particular style.

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