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BEHEMOTH On The News (Singapore)

And so for the first time, Singapore media does not portray metal in a completely negative light. This time it’s Behemoth‘s Nergal and the Demon energy drink that he endorses in the spotlight. Sure, there’s still that implicit and underlying assumption that all metal are related to “demons” and the devil, but at least the …

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BLOODSTOCK FESTIVAL Now Streaming On Dailymotion

After the move by festivals such as the recently concluded Wacken Open Air 2012 Festival to have a concurrent stream on YouTube, Bloodstock Festival has announced a similar move, with a live stream of the festival being put on their page on Dailymotion. So for the next 2 days (or nights for us Singaporeans), expect …

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AGE OF SINFONIA Releases Jogjakarta Video Journal

Singaporean symphonic metal band Age of Sinfonia has certainly come a long way since their humble beginnings, watching them perform to a small crowd a few years back at a (non-metal) festival, to performing in front of hundreds on their recent performance at Jogjakarta, Indonesia. To see how much they have improved not …

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ZAGANOTH Releases New Instrumental Track

Zaganoth is a really hard band to take seriously despite the death metal tag that they give themselves, what with the various stage antics that they have attempted in recent gigs, like the stripping down to nothing but underwear to having weird costumes. Just look at frontman Jaarvis and his getup. And to be …

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Album Preview: J – Schism of Precepts

From humble beginnings as a bedroom guitarist, J eventually progressed beyond music making and assembled his own home studio. Releasing a few covers in 2008, J gained sufficient experience to finally record, mix and produce his first demo, Apotropaic, in 2009. Heavily influenced by funeral doom and sludge such as YOB, Colosseum, The Funeral Orchestra, …

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