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Album Review: Ormgård – Ormblot

Ormgård [Sweden]
2011/2014 (Reissue)
Scythe of Death Productions/Forever Plagued Records
Black Metal

While Sweden’s Ormgård has now been in existence for more than 12 years, it wasn’t until the band’s 2011 demo Ormblot that they really managed to garner some attention. With Ormblot garnering critical acclaims and comparisons to various black …

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Album Review: Cemetery Fog – Shadows from the Cemetery

Cemetery Fog [Finland]
Shadows from the Cemetery
Iron Bonehead Productions
Death/Doom Metal

With the run of classic old school Finnish death metal bands of late, I almost expected Cemetery Fog to be yet another Convulse or Purtenance. But with their third demo in a year, Shadows from the Cemetery, …

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Album Review: Unscarred – Fake Democracy

Unscarred [France]
Fake Democracy
Contorted Records
Thrash Metal

I’ve heard enough black and death metal from France to know how weird (or experimental, if you prefer) they can get if the French set their minds to it. Yet thrash is a genre that I hardly hear from …

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Album Review: Zā Lä Thü – The Ritual of the Abyss

Zā Lä Thü [USA]
The Ritual of the Abyss
Industrial/Death Metal

Previously known variously as The Awakened One and Aethyria, Zā Lä Thü can hardly be known as newcomers to extreme metal, with the band’s history stretching all the way back to 1995. But The Ritual of the Abyss is …

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Album Review: Abyssous – …Smouldering

Abyssous [Germany]
2012/2013 (reissue)
Full Length
Iron Bonehead Productions
Death Metal

Germany’s rotten death metal trio Abyssous caught my attention with their debut demo in 2012, …Smouldering, which is quickly reissued this year under cult extreme label, Iron Bonehead Productions, with the label even throwing in two previously unreleased, re-recorded tracks …

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