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HMT Movie Club: Evil Dead (2013)

If you don’t already know, Evil Dead is a remake of The Evil Dead.

One thought comes to mind when we hear of remakes, and most of the times, it is always worse than the first.

This remake, I feel, is NECESSARY, and you will be pleased to hear that this is BETTER than the …

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HMT Movie Club: CZ12

One would almost know what to expect when going for a Jackie Chan movie – action thriller, adventure mixed with some elements of comedy. Other than the Police Story series, most of Jackie Chan’s movies have been those that see him take a less serious role. Touted as the movie that boasts the most number …

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HMT Movie Club: Rock of Ages

I first saw the trailers for Rock of Ages in some restaurant while having dinner one time, and what I saw just got me eagerly anticipating for its release. First with the obvious Guns N’ Roses references (actually, mainly the Axl Rose reference in Tom Cruise’s character), and also with the concept of fusing rock …

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When I first saw the trailer around the start of this year, I felt that making another Spiderman movie this soon was stupid because I just saw some awhile ago.

Then I compared against other movie remakes, and thought about exactly how long ago was that Tobey Maguire Spiderman movie…I realised…that I have aged.

For …

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HMT Movie Club: Men In Black 3

I recall when Men In Black first came out in 1997, I didn’t get to watch it in the theatres as I wasn’t that privileged.Then I got to watch it on some pirated VCD some friend lent my sis. My first impressions was that it was fucking hilarious, and that the aliens were too cute. Totally …

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