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Views from the Pit: Fall of Mirra album launch

Those who know my musical preferences will be aware that hardcore and metalcore are rarely my choice of poison, and local metalcore band Fall of Mirra‘s album launch is the first -core gig that I attend and I have to say, the experience has been a rather significantly different compared to the numerous metal shows that …

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Views from the Pit: Full Battle Order 2012

Organised by Singapore-based label, Mourningsound Records, Full Battle Order was first initiated back in 2007 comprising of local & foreign bands. After a pretty long hiatus, this year marks the return of FBO, with 3 local acts and 4 foreign acts, but what really stood out and impressed me the most of this year was …

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Views from the Pit – Opeth live in Singapore

When it was announced 2 or so years back that Opeth would perform in Singapore, I went ecstatic. However, that 2010 concert did not materialize and many Opeth fans including myself went from one end of the spectrum of excitement to the other of disappointment.

2 years have passed. And in 2012, Opeth finally made …

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The Opeth Experience: A HMT Exclusive

9th February 2012 was by far, the BEST day of Heavy Metal Tribune. In fact, the whole month was exceptionally awesome!!! Heavy Metal Tribune (and friends) got to meet Opeth and the Swedish Ambassador to Singapore! (From Left: JJ, Ling, Chris, Cyn,  Martín Méndez, Clarence,  Mikael Åkerfeldt, Fredrik Åkesson)    Photos courtesy of LingNemesis

We celebrated …

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Views from the Pit: ChthoniC – Battle at Sing Ling Temple

A heavy metal concert in front of such a traditional venue as a temple may seem strange and in fact quite an impossibility in Singapore. But certainly not for Taiwanese premier extreme metal act ChthoniC, having recently concluded their trilogy of albums based on one place (Sing Ling Temple) with their latest album, Takasago Army. Having …

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