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Album Submissions

At Heavy Metal Tribune, we are happy to check out new releases from metal bands from the underground. Album submission can be done via digital or physical formats. Bands and labels can submit their releases for review consideration through the following methods:

1. If you are sending us a digital copy of the album, please mail a download link to boss@heavymetaltribune.com.

2. If you are sending us a physical promo, please send your material to the following address:

ATTN: Cynthia Lim
Mailbox 882702
Singapore 919191


Please note that we only accept the following formats, and album reviews take the following order of priority:

1. Physical CDs
2. Digital promos without audio voiceover watermark
3. Digital promos with audio voiceover watermark (usually not reviewed)

*Please note that due to the number of promos that we receive, the reviews will all take some time. But physical releases  will definitely be reviewed, while digital promos will only be reviewed if it interests the reviewer.

Just like how you can’t review a movie based on its trailer, non-downloadable, streaming promos, and single track samples (e.g. YouTube, ReverbNation, BandCamp, etc.) will not be reviewed.

What to include (for digital promo)

Please include the following in the promotional packages that are sent to us to aid us in reviewing your release:

1. Full album in mp3 format
2. High resolution album artwork
3. High resolution band logo
4. High resolution band photo
5. Band bio
6. Album release info sheet

Genres accepted

Releases will be considered for review as long as they are from the metal genre (for what is metal and what is not, look at Metal Archives‘ rules for submission), but the following will definitely not be reviewed even if CDs are sent:

1. Metalcore
2. Deathcore
3. Nu-metal
4. Hardcore
5. Grindcore with the exception of death/grind
6. Alternative metal

(No. 4 and 5 being unfamiliarity to the genres.)

Finally, expect nothing but honest reviews here. Bands that cannot take criticisms should not send their releases for review, and reviews will not be edited other than for factual errors (e.g. lineup).

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