DAWN OF AZAZEL: “The Tides Of Damocles” Streaming In Its Entirety

The Tides Of Damocles is the wrath-infested new full-length from long-running New Zealand-based progressive death metal unit, DAWN OF AZAZEL. A name referencing the ocean as a metaphor for the forces of life that constantly assail and erode the will of those who seek power, The Tides Of Damocles, independently released today, marks the trio’s first new offering in six years. Recorded, mixed and mastered last year at Mana Recording Studios (Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal, Goatwhore, et al) in Tampa, Florida by Brian Elliot and J.J. Hrubovcak, the ten track manifestation hurls forth forty-eight minutes of traumatic, scrupulously detailed death metal mastery.

Earning hails from fans and critics alike, Kill Your Stereo calls the record, “a standout work,”furthering,The Tides Of Damocles is aggressive and brutal while still incorporating grooves and melodies to make a more modern and progressive sound for DAWN OF AZAZEL.The blast beats are furious, the vocals raw and emotional and all backed up by driving riffs and solos…” AngryMetalGuy concurs, “Tides… is a cut so savory you’ll want to eat it raw,” while the Metal Observer boasts, “the openness and brutal variety found on The Tides Of Damocles is undeniable.” Elsewhere the sentiment reverberates with Wonderbox noting “DAWN OF AZAZEL pour so many different riffing styles into the mix that you might be listening to a Morbid Angel section at one point only to have it change into something Meshuggah-inspired, or maybe a riff Immolation would be proud of. Ultimately though it all flows together quite naturally and The Tides Of Damocles is a very striking record.” In an 8/10 review, Champions Dead Rhetoric, “Vocalist Rigel Walsh has lost none of his fury, with aggressive roars taking their rightful place above the blistering drums and punchy grooves,” adding, “With a more well-rounded approach, DAWN OF AZAZEL have successfully honed their death metal approach. The further emphasis on groove ensures that listeners won’t be easily bored as well as keeps them from being a one-trick pony…Chalk up another victory for New Zealand!”

Experience The Tides Of Damocles in all its visceral glory at THIS LOCATION.

Influenced by the sonic obliteration of bands like of Order Of Chaos, Immolation and Sarcofago,DAWN OF AZAZEL was spawned in 1999 and rapidly established themselves as a force with which to be reckoned with relentless live shows throughout New Zealand and Australia. The release of two demos and a 7″ received widespread acclaim within the underground fanzine and tape trading community. DAWN OF AZAZEL would later release their debut, the volatile The Law Of The Strong, though Agonia Records in 2003 followed by an extensive tour through New Zealand, their first ever shows in Europe and a headlining tour of Australia. Second full-length, Sedition, was unleashed via Ibex Moon and found the band playing over one-hundred-and-twenty shows with their infamy further bolstered by the controversial mix of the band’s violent and Satanic lyrical content and frontman Rigel Walshe’s occupation as a police officer becoming the subject of television and newspaper coverage at home and abroad. Third offering, Relentless, was released via Unique Leader Records followed by another glut of tour ventures. Shortly after its release, Walshe was offered a position of a covert nature within the police department. During this period from 2010 through 2013 the band went on hiatus and focused on creating new material, reemerging with the deliciously punishing tidings of The Tides Of Damocles.

The Tides Of Damocles is out now via the official DAWN OF AZAZEL BandCamp page at THIS LOCATION and comes available digitally and as a stunning, deluxe, six-panel digipack with 20-page booklet.

DAWN OF AZAZEL - The Tide of Damocles

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