Drummer’s Spotlight: Fitri (Wormrot)

The world of metal places strong emphasis on the instruments that are involved in the creation of the music – be it guitars, bass, drums or keyboards. In this series, we talk to a number of drummers to have them share with us their experiences and their views on matters pertaining to their craft.

This week, we talk to Fitri, drummer of Singapore grindcore stalwarts Wormrot.

HMT: Hi Fitri! Thank you for being a part of our new column of Heavy Metal Tribune! To start this off, perhaps you could introduce yourself and the bands that you have been involved in, and are currently involved in, besides Wormrot?

Hello… Amacam babiesssss??!!! Actually I’ve been involved in 2 or 3 bands before Wormrot but not a serious band. Besides Wormrot, I am not currently in any other band.

Would you like to share more about your personal musical history? Did you start off your musical journey as a drummer? What was it that made you decide to pick up drums?

Travis Barker was my inspiration at that time. But I’m a poor boy so I can only afford to play drums in the arcade. Sad life huh..?! hehe…

Were you self-taught, or did you have formal training on the drums?

Yeah, self taught from DRUM MANIA!!!!!!! 😀

Who are some of the drummers that have had huge influence on your playing style?

Actually nobody but I idolize Billy Rhymer from Dillinger Escape Plan.

Being one of the more prominent and experienced drummer in the Singapore metal scene, what do you think are some of the difficulties that most drummers in Singapore face?

Most of the drummers in Singapore are awesome but sadly they do not get enough exposure.

Wormrot – Europe tour 2009

What are some of the most common misconceptions about being a drummer?

People think we have it easy but actually drumming really requires a lot of energy and focus. Most of the time, after a gig, I would normally go home and sleep. Used too much energy.

It seems that in most music scenes, it is much harder to find available drummers compared to other instrumentalists, such as guitarists or bassists. Often the drummers in the band are featured in numerous projects. What do you think is the reason for this?

I guess it’s easy and cheaper to own a guitar than a drum set. Even I don’t have my own drum set. And maybe it’s because drummers are musically flexible.

Wormrot’s live sets often feature music that is sped up from the already fast music on the studio recording. How do you keep up with the intensity and speed required for live sets?

My secret weapon is Coke. I drink them always before show and a kiss from my girlfriend boost my confidence as well.. hehe…

Do you have any daily practice routines to keep up with your stamina required in Wormrot’s music?

I just play, get sweaty and fuck off.

Many people have the misconception that grindcore is all speed and blast and no skills. What is your take on this?

To me, all genre requires certain skills. I don’t believe that Grindcore is only about speed and blast because I do like grooves in my music. Hell, even drumming for lion dance requires skills.

What is your favourite/dream setup?

Any set up will do. I’m not fussy. 🙂

Finally, what are some of the tips that you can give to aspiring drummers, and those who wish to pick up drums in the future?

Just keep practicing, never give up and never listen to what people say. Follow your dreams.

Thank you once again for taking the time to answer the questions! m/

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