Evoke Thy Lords – Lifestories

Evoke Thy Lords - Lovestories

Evoke Thy Lords [Russia]
Full Length
Solitude Productions
Psychedelic Doom Metal

The only thing I remembered from Russian psychedelic death horde Evoke Thy Lords‘ last release, Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in your Cellar! was the lavish usage of flutes, and the heaviness of their music (oh, and of course their themes of psychedelia). Lifestories is their new album, and the band is here to remind you of their psychedelic style of doom metal.

The opening riff on Regressed immediately introduces the crushing style that Evoke Thy Lords play, somewhat reminiscent of the works of bands like RamessesElectric Wizard or With the Dead. Very quickly enough, the flutes that is featured so prominently on Evoke Thy Lords‘ style comes in, and it is interesting to see how this complements (or contrasts) everything else that goes on. While on Regressed this gives off a rather haunting vibe, on Heavy Weather, the flute provides some almost melancholic moments. Suffice to say, the flutes seem to be the most emotive emotion in Evoke Thy Lords‘ material, though this doesn’t discount the contributions of the rest of the band.

The dual guitars on Lifestories is put into full use, as each of the guitarists are playing different riffs at any point in time, with the lead guitars often contrasting the heavy, and suffocating rhythm section. Coupled with the usage of heavy distortion, and phaser effects on the guitars, as well as the emotions evoked by the flute, the psychedelic effect is amplified, leaving the listener feeling all sorts of fucked up.

With doom records as such, the influences that the band take are clear. Aside from other stoner/doom bands, the band also pays homage to the early doom of the likes of Black Sabbath. Songs like Life is a Trick bring in some bluesy moments, though intensified and made much heavier by Evoke Thy Lords. The usage of female vocals on this track is also a nice surprise, reminding one of bands like Windhand.

Being dubbed as the “key representatives” of the Siberian doom scene, the band certainly upped their ante with their brand new release, Lifestories, bringing listeners on a heavy, psychedelic trip.

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