Fredag den 13:e – Domedagar

Fredag Den 13-e - Domedager

Fredag den 13:e [Sweden]
Full Length
Crust Punk/Hardcore

As it has already become rather obvious, there has been very few extreme releases this year that has managed to catch and retain my attention for more than a few listens. Just as I was about to give up on finding potential new extreme records for the year, a friend recommends Fredag den 13:e to me, with their brand new full length, Domedagar. Describing themselves as nummerpunk/Motörhead scandicrust, one instinctively knows that one is in for one hell of a ride.

And relentless is the band’s assault, as the band presents their Motörhead-fuelled rage, choke full of crusty influences to the listener right from the start of the album with Apokalypserna anfaller.Each of the members on the band contribute much in driving the record forward, with the most obvious being the d-beats of Niclas, giving Fredag den 13:e a nice punkish, crusty feel. The riffs of Jacob and Stoffe are catchy as fuck, with the lead guitars that are buried beneath the rhythm guitar even bringing in some crossover/thrash influence of the works of Joel Grind, and the slightly blackened and death metal-sounding moments reminding one of recent material of Toxic Holocaust and the likes. Peter’s bass is also rather high in the mix, adding to the heaviness of Domedagar.

The catchiness of the album is evident on later tracks such as Gubbvrak, one of my personal favourites off Domedagar where the band shows off their thrash influences, and where the riffs of Jacob and Stoffe reek of bands such as Japanese sex metal maniacs Abigail or Barbatos, further upping the fun factor on the record. The black metal influences are shown on album closer I ett nav av förljugenhet, where the dissonant riffs is rather reminiscent of the works of Watain or Thunderbolt.

The production on Domedagar is extremely polished, and this helps the cause of the album in bringing out all the energy that is on the record to the listener. Each of the instruments ring out loud and clear, resulting in a nicely balanced, heavy sound that adds to the overall impact of the album.

Overall, Domedagar is an album that reminds me of the reason why the genre was so captivating to me from the start – with its immense energy and aggression yet remaining fun and enjoyable. Fredag den 13:e is definitely one band that I will continue keeping my ears out for.


1. Apokalypserna anfaller
2. 13 procent
3. Trygghetens pris
4. Slentriankonsumtion
5. Varför ska jag lyssna?
6. Alla mår skit
7. Mera gift
8. Du ska lida
9. Gubbvrak
10. Varje dag är en domedag
11. Paria
12. Själviskt helvete
13. I ett nav av förljugenhet

Favourite picks: Alla mår skit, Gubbvrak, I ett nav av förljugenhet

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