George Kollias – Invictus

George Kollias - Invictus

George Kollias [Greece]
Full Length
Season of Mist
Death Metal

With his reputation as the drummer for such acts as Nile, it is hard to shake off that association even when it comes to George Kollias‘ solo band. This year sees the release of his debut, solo full length album, Invictus and on top of handling the drums, George Kollias proves his ability as a versatile musician through handling all instruments and vocals on Invictus as well, giving fans of his works even more reason to accord him the highest levels of respect.

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While solo acts are a dime a dozen, it can get rather hard to find one that is decent sounding, let alone stellar. But with his years of experience in various excellent bands, George Kollias goes to show that being the sole person driving a project can be an advantage as well. From the atmospheric introduction of Echoes of Divinity breaking into the first riffs of title track Invictus, one is already given a slight hint of what’s to come. As soon as the album kicks off proper, with the amount of tension that is in the air, one is quickly reminded of the crushing black/death metal of Polish acts such as Behemoth or Hate. This comparison is quickly cemented with the riffs that are unleashed, and of course the relentless, yet seemingly effortless drumming of Kollias. His vocals on Invictus even bears sounds like a cross between Nergal and ATF Sinner, adding to the Polish extremity comparison.

Throughout the album, Kollias shows that his talent goes far beyond just behind his throne, as he incorporates some elements of complexity in the riffs, as well as the leads on the album. Such displays of technicality brings to mind the works of bands such as Hour of Penance, and of course Nile, though the latter bands obviously show a higher level of technicality and proficiency.

While bringing nothing particularly new to the already saturated extreme metal underground, George Kollias proves that he is more than just a drummer on his debut full length. Invictus is an impressive piece of death metal, and will appeal to fans of recent works of Polish acts such as Behemoth or Hate.


1. Echoes of Divinity
2. Invictus
3. The Passage
4. Aeons of Burning Galaxies
5. Shall Rise/Shall Be Dead
6. Voices
7. Treasure of Nemesis
8. Apocalypse
9. Epitaph
10. Through Empty Eyes of Light
11. Buried Under the Flames

George Kollias on the internet:
Official website
Season of Mist

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