Grumpynators – Wonderland

Grumpynators - Wonderland

Grumpynators [Denmark]
Full Length
Target Records
Hard Rock/Groove Metal

I initially wasn’t really keen to check out Grumpynators and their new full length, Wonderland, not thinking much about the band since their moniker made them sound like some kind of joke band. But seeing how the band boasts double bass player Jakob – who has appeared on two of my favourite Volbeat songs – got me interested, and perhaps one shouldn’t judge the book by its cover, or rather a band by its honestly, pretty lame band name.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

The usage of the double bass proves to be one of the more unique points of the band, and Grumpynators certainly makes full use of that as Jakob’s bass is often clearly audible in the mix – something that I am definitely not complaining about. With Jakob’s contributions to Volbeat in mind, one can’t help but think of Volbeat right from the start of the album. For instance, songs like Walking in the Night with the groove provided by Jakob as well as the riffing styles of Christian and Emil remind me of the Volbeat track Lonesome Rider. In fact, just like Volbeat on their last opus, Grumpynators has even included a heavier, Metallica-inspired track This Is My Life on the album.

The old school rock ‘n’ roll vibe is also strong over here, and the gruff vocals of Emil easily reminds one of the works of Motörhead. There are even moments on the album when one is indulged in some good old school punk rock of Social Distortion, especially in the simple yet catchy licks on tracks like Walked Away. The solos provided by Emil and Christian also often bluesy, bringing one back to the early days of the genre, yet with that modern touch included in both the songwriting and their playing.

Grumpynators may not have an excellent name, but their tongue-in-cheek band name will certainly leave an impression on the listener. Most importantly, Wonderland is one hell of an album for those who love their music heavy, yet groovy and catchy.


1. Wonderland
2. Walking in the Night
3. Burning in the Snow
4. Walked Away
5. The Calling
6. The Stalker
7. Speeding
8. This is My Life
9. Pray For Your Life
10. Mama No
11. A Life Without You

Favourite picks: Walked Away

Grumpynators on the internet:
Official website
Target Records

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