Guttered Down The Gutters: Joe Suicide

Here comes the second issue!
For this month, we managed to catch Joe Suicide during one of his gigs…
Joe Suicide
It is really hard to keep up with the projects and bands of Joe’s, his passion for music spawns many new creations…and he is not really that young unlike us *grins*. He’s probably been around since we were watching Power Rangers and trying to Transform into a T-Rex bot. (That is if you were born in the 90s like us.)
We stalked and caught him when he was chilling out at the back of his van while waiting for his gig with his family’s band Gypsy to start one Sunday afternoon. We chatted with Joe a little bit, got Hongrui’s albums signed, and left with a mystery unsolved…”Why Mr Dixie Ferdinands still have big hair at his age?” Aren’t men suppose to start thinning and balding at this age? Beats us.
Joe Suicide said:

“More emphasis on Music, Less emphasis on ‘Fame’…” 

…. read the interview for more…

“Study hard & get a good job in life…”


and plays tic-tac-toe with us but didn’t win it…takes a bloody long time to think about what girls are to him…he must be pretty confused… lol

Check out a few candid shots during the interview on our facebook profile here:
Joe Suicide (Guttered Down The Gutters) Photos

A very long Jpeg file. You guys should totally check out the PDF version.
You can view (and download) a high resolution copy of this interview here.
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