Guttered Down The Gutters: Meltgsnow

It seemed to us on the previous interview that Meltgsnow is a very ‘tight’ band, with excellent cohesion and band relations. They are disciplined and very serious about their music. If you haven’t already know it, their band name is pronounced as “melting snow”…

The big question is: 
“Are they all serious dudes?”


This time on Guttered Down The Gutters, we gutter Singapore’s veteran band Meltgsnow, and made them dish the dirts of their bandmates…The side of Meltgsnow that you’ll never expect…

You deserve the dumb fuck award of the year if you miss out 
Meltgsnow’s performance this Saturday, 
21st August 2010 at about 9.30pm (Closing band!) 


(Ed’s Note: All 5 members participated in this guttering ritual. Have fun guessing which answers belongs to which.)
(Ed’s Warning: Do not eat or drink while reading this, HMT is not responsible for your choking to death 🙂 )

(Ed’s Note: We were given this logo at the time of approach.)

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