Guttered Down The Gutters: Xanadoo

This month, we gutter 3 young bloods full of rage in the heart of a shopping mall.

Xanadoo is when three random dudes with hair growing rage that is triggered by the extreme euphoria from being temporarily released from the clutches of our military forces.
(I know, that sentence is too much to digest, they are hard to digest too.)

Behind that facade of random retardedness, I see that they are actually a strategic and organised mess.
Even after deep questioning if this was part of their future ‘big plans’, they remain truly local by ‘acting blur’.

Let us hope that these boys will still be rocking out when they are gonna be pot-bellied and balding ah peks.
(Definitely not the case for Shiva since he has a forest growing on his chin.)

Without further ado let’s see what these boys have up their sleeves. (You can click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures!)

Mahesha (Drums)
Shiva (Bass)
and lastly…
Zak (Vocals + Guitars)

Or if you prefer… We have put it on! Click here to read it in pdf file!

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