Heavy Metal News – August 17, 2012

Baroness‘ publicist, Monica Seide of Speakeasy PR & Marketing has released a statement earlier today regarding the medical conditions of the members and the crew of the band after their bus crash in UK:

The band members of BARONESS and their crew are recovering from injuries sustained after their tour bus crashed outside of Bath, England early on Wednesday morning.

John Baizley [rhythm guitar, lead vocals] has broken his left arm and left leg. Allen Blickle [drums] and Matt Maggioni [bass] each suffered fractured vertebrae. All three remain in the hospital as of this writing. Pete Adams [lead guitar, vocals] has been treated and released from the hospital.

Three of the five crew members who were on the bus have also been treated and released. One member is still undergoing testing. The driver of the bus remains in critical condition.

Please stay tuned for further updates. Thank you for all the support during this extremely difficult time.”

For more news regarding Baroness‘ bus crash, click here.

Stoner/doom metal trio High on Fire has released the music video to the track Fertile Green. The track is taken off their latest album, De Vermis Mysteriis, released on April 3. Commented the band,

The video follows the story of Balteazeen, the Christ Twin, who sacrificed himself to give Jesus life. Forever hunted, he roams the slaughterhouse of Time, searching for answers to the riddle of his own existence.

The video is available for viewing below:

Following the limited edition “Hammer edition” pre-release of The Lord of SteelManowar has announced the worldwide release of the album on September 28. It will feature four different mixes and mastering, artwork by fantasy artist Ken Kelly and more, and will be available as a CD, vinyl and digital album. (Source: Blabbermouth.net)

“MANOWAR have always dared to do things differently. You have to look at these two versions like a movie that comes out in alternate versions; a director’s cut or alternate endings or stories even told from different perspectives,” explained bassist Joey DeMaio. “For those of you who enjoyed the first taste of ‘The Lord Of Steel’, meaning the Metal Hammer version, I can tell you that the forthcoming ‘The Lord Of Steel’ release on Magic Circle Entertainment will be even more unique and yes, more brutal,” he continued.

Described by the press as “a brutal and unstoppable force of molten metal” and “flawlessly heavy,” “The Lord Of Steel” is a raw-to-the-bone production, merging vintage elements with the trademark sound MANOWAR have developed over the years.

“When you have to make room for literally hundreds of other instruments such as orchestras, choirs, marching armies on ‘Gods Of War’, for example, you have to create sonic space for that. The fewer instruments you have the louder they can be individually. As an artist you want to give your audience new experiences. This is not ‘elevator music.’ This is an album that hits you hard right between the eyes and does not let up,” said Joey DeMaio.

For their twelfth studio album, MANOWAR have tapped into the world of action heroes and their stories, writing their first song specifically for a Hollywood movie, “El Gringo”, and another one, “Expendable”, inspired by Sylvester Stallone’s action movie franchise “The Expendables”. The band has meanwhile confirmed their next movie project, “Soldiers”, for “The Expendables 2” star Jean-Claude Van Damme.

From the furious title track and the pumping “Black List”, to the power ballad “Righteous Glory” and the Ennio Morricone homage “El Gringo” — “The Lord Of Steel” is full of surprises.

“The Lord Of Steel” (retail edition) will be mixed and mastered by longtime collaborators, mixing engineer Ronald Prent and two-time Grammy-award-winning mastering engineer Darcy Proper.

Coinciding with the release of the album, MANOWAR will kick off “The Lord Of Steel” world tour, with first shows in October and November, in Europe and the United States.

In an interview conducted with Mayhem‘s Necrobutcher by TeePee of Total Rock Radio, he has hinted that a new album is currently in the works. The interview can be viewed below:

American symphonic power metal band Kamelot will release its new album Silverthorn on October 30 in North America, October 26 in Germany and October 29 in the rest of Europe via Steamhammer/SPV, and will mark the band’s new singer, Tommy Karevik’s first appearance in a Kamelot release. The album artwork has also been released, and can be viewed below.

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