Heavy Metal News – December 10, 2012

DENOUNCEMENT PYRE To Release ‘Almighty Alcanum’ In January

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Australian black/death metal band DENOUNCEMENT PYRE will release its second album, “Almighty Alcanum”, on January 22, 2013 via Hells Headbangers on both CD and LP formats. The follow-up to 2010’s “World Cremation” is described in a press release as “a veritable abyss of fiery, blackened death metal, but now sharper and more focused than ever.” The effort was mastered at Endarker Studio in Östergötland, Sweden.

“Almighty Alcanum” track listing:

01. Intro: Breath Of Tehom
02. An Extension Of The Void
03. Almighty Arcanum
04. He Who Conquers All
05. The Deceiver
06. Drakon: All Is One
07. Circle Of Serpents
08. Darkness Manifest
09. The Redeemer

Hells Headbangers recently released a DENOUNCEMENT PYRE seven-inch EP titled “Darkness Manifest”. The effort featured one track from the forthcoming album plus an additional song that is exclusive to this release. Both cuts were recorded during different sessions to those for the album, so they are unique to this release.


POSSESSED Working On New Music; ‘Barge To Hell’ Performance Footage Posted Online

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Fan-filmed video footage of POSSESSED’s performance on Barge To Hell — the world’s most extreme metal cruise, which sailed Monday, December 3, 2012 from Miami, Florida to Nassau, Bahamas and returned to the real world on Friday, December 7 — can be seen below.

POSSESSED 2012 is:

* Jeff Becerra – Vocals
* Emilio Marquez (SADISTIC INTENT) – Drums
* Robert Cardenas (AGENT STEEL, COFFIN TEXTS) – Bass
* Daniel Gonzalez (NAILSHITTER, OCCISAS) – Guitar

In a recent interview with MetalTitans.com, McLauchlin stated about POSSESSED’s plans for a new studio album, “We have music and basic song structures for three songs written so far. We want to take our time and craft songs which will definitely sound like classic POSSESSED. The plan is to record an EP/demo, which we will shop to labels, and then do the full-length. No word on any release date, as we are still in writing mode. We are holding off playing any shows until the end of the year. I expect we will enter the studio sometime early 2013.”

Regarding the songwriting process for the new material, McLauchlin said, “Well, so far we have been writing the music together as a band, between me, our other guitarist Daniel, and drummer Emilio. So far, it has been that Dan or I will have some song ideas and riffs, maybe an intro riff, and then we work with the drummer for the song structures and arrangements. We all contribute ideas when it comes to tweaking the riffs, and try different things before an idea is finalized. We are taking our time with it, and are actually re-working some of the songs now. I am working on some new riffs now, which are very much within the traditional POSSESSED feel and style, with a modern/updated twist!! Die-hard POSSESSED fans will not be disappointed!!”

Becerra previously stated about POSSESSED’s current lineup: “I am quite happy with this new lineup and truly respect every member in the band now. It just makes everything so much easier and worthwhile whenever everyone is as into the music as I am. Also the professionalism and dedication is unwavering. These guys came in with guns blazing and knew the songs so well that even the first time around they were playing them almost perfectly.”

In the October 2008 issue of Guitar World magazine, Becerra talked candidly about the 1989 shooting that left him paralyzed from the chest down, his battle with drugs and alcohol, the early days of the Bay Area thrash metal scene and his future as a wheelchair-bound frontman for the death metal legends.

Regarding the robbery that left him paralyzed, Becerra said: “The first bullet went into my chest about six inches above the nipple, went through the lung and stuck on the inside of my spine. I put my hand up as I was going down, and the second bullet clipped the top of my ring finger off. But at least it didn’t hit me in the head. So I was on the ground, and the first guy put the gun to my head and pulled the trigger, and the gun jammed — luckily for me, some criminals don’t know how to clean their automatic weapons.”


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