Heavy Metal News – February 01, 2013

DEVOID To Launch Concept EP ‘The Invasion’

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Mumbai, India-based death/thrash outfit DEVOID will launch its sophomore release this February. The band has gone all-out DIY with “The Invasion”, right from producing the EP to sales. The release is a concept EP which chronicles an alien invasion on to Earth, with each song as an episode.

Arun Iyer, DEVOID vocalist and rhythm guitarist, explains: “After the first album’s disparity in the flow of thought, I wanted to experiment with writing a continual story. And the story of the human civilization is always one that is interesting; especially since it is destined to be doomed one way or the other. The sound on the EP is of four guys who love playing metal and wanted to push our limits creatively and technically to a newer level. Producing this was a ride I won’t soon forget.”

“The Invasion” will be a two-fold release, which also includes a three-part “making-of” YouTube feature documenting the EP production process. In addition to the EP release, the band’s first music video is also in the pipeline and is expected to be out in February.

Formed in a decade when heavy metal was still in its infant stages in India, DEVOID’s lyrics can be best categorized as anti-establishment/anti-conformist. In 2010, DEVOID released its debut, “A God’s Lie”, through Demonstealer Records. The band went on to win the Rolling Stone Metal Award for “Best Metal Album” (popular choice) for the release.


NECROCURSE: ‘Grip Of The Dead’ Audio Samples Available

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A six-and-a-half-minute video teaser for “Grip Of The Dead”, the debut full-length album from Swedish death metallers NECROCURSE, is available below. Due on March 11 in Europe and March 19 in North America via Pulverised Records, the CD “contains eleven tracks of uncompromising and haunting death metal in the true spirit of the ancient dark heavy metal attitude,” according to a press release. The vinyl version of the effort — which will include a re-recorded version of the track “Souls Of A Thousand Funerals”, from the “Shape Of Death” MCD, as a bonus track — will be a joint collaboration between Blood Harvest Records and To The Death Records.

“Grip Of The Dead” track listing:

01. Preludium Of Devastation
02. Necrocurse
03. Rotten In The Dark
04. The Devil Cobra
05. Ripping Darkness (The Destroyer)
06. Death Metal Rebels
07. Morbid Maniacs
08. Speed To The Grave
09. Grip Of The Dead
10. Coffin Breakers
11. Infernal Rebellion


Hellbutcher – Vocals
Rotting Vomitor – Electric Guitar
Mörda – Electric Guitar
Basstard – Bassphemy
Terror – Drums


LEGION OF THE DAMNED To Enter Studio In March

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Dutch thrashers LEGION OF THE DAMNED will enter Stage One Studio in Bühne, Germany in March with producer Andy Classen (TANKARD, KRISIUN, HOLY MOSES) to begin recording its new album, “Ravenous Plague”, for a late 2013 release via Napalm Records. Andy previously produced LEGION OF THE DAMNED’s CDs “Feel The Blade”, “Malevolent Rapture”, “Sons Of The Jackal” and “Cult Of The Dead”. However, the band’s last LP, “Descent Into Chaos”, was helmed by Peter Tägtgren at the Abyss studio in Sweden.

Commented LEGION OF THE DAMNED vocalist Maurice Swinkels: “Peter was a super experience to us and it was a hell of a great time. For me, it was a personal thing; I was curious to hear the result with a different producer other than Andy Classen, but the beating heart of LEGION OF THE DAMNED lies in Bühne, the home town of Stage One Studio in Germany.”

Adds LEGION OF THE DAMNED drummer Erik Fleuren: “Many of the succesful albums of LEGION OF THE DAMNED were produced by Andy Classen and therefore we build such a strong team with him. He can truly push us to our limits, and that’s what we need.”

LEGION OF THE DAMNED also believes that since it’s their first album with guitarist Twan van Geel, it’s a good decision to choose a familiar environment. Former guitarist Richard Ebisch left the band more than a year ago, after serving the band since 1994, although he was to be seen as the mastermind behind all the typical LEGION OF THE DAMNED riffs.

Maurice says fans can still expect a true LEGION OF THE DAMNED album.

“Richard was the only guitarist, but writing new material in LEGION OF THE DAMNED was never a one-man job or decision — everyone is involved. Therefore, even with Twan van Geel on the heavy strings, fans can expect a typical LEGION OF THE DAMNED album since we definitely stay true to our style, although it will have its own special twist, of course, since Twan has its own style of playing.”

Maurice adds: “We can’t wait to record the new album, ‘Ravenous Plague’. It will definitely feel as if we are ‘coming home’.”

Says Andy Classen: “I’m really glad to get the Legions back to stage one studio — I always felt like a band member and I love the band and their music. So now we’re looking forward to do another killer LEGION OF THE DAMNED album!”

Once again, Tony “Skullcrusher” Manero is responsible for the lyrical content of the new album. The lyrics will deal with various aspects of apocalypticism, with what happens when society falls apart when everything lies in ruins and how people manage to survive.


Maurice Swinkels – Vocals
Twan van Geel – Guitar
Harold Gielen – Bass
Erik Fleuren – Drums
Hein Willekens – Guitar


ADRENALINE MOB To Release ‘Covertá’ Covers EP In March

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ADRENALINE MOB — the band featuring drummer Mike Portnoy (DREAM THEATER, AVENGED SEVENFOLD), SYMPHONY X frontman Russell Allen, guitar virtuoso Mike Orlando (SONIC STOMP) and DISTURBED bassist John Moyer — will release “Covertá”, an eight-track EP featuring cover versions of some of the group’s favorite songs, on March 12. Longtime fans of Portnoy are aware of the multiple cover CDs he has released with DREAM THEATER and with Neal Morse. “Covertá” is the first CD of covers recorded by ADRENALINE MOB.

“Covertá” track listing:

01. High Wire (BADLANDS)
02. Stand Up And Shout (DIO)
03. Break on Through (THE DOORS)
04. Romeo Delight (VAN HALEN)
05. Barracuda (HEART)
06. Kill The King (RAINBOW)
07. The Lemon Song (LED ZEPPELIN)
08. The Mob Rules (BLACK SABBATH)


EVILE To Enter Studio This Weekend

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British thrashers EVILE will enter the studio this weekend to begin recording their as-yet untitled fourth full-length album. The band will once again be working with producer Russ Russell at Parlour Studios in Kettering.

Comments EVILE drummer Ben Carter: “EVILE are pleased to announce we’ll be back in the studio this weekend to begin recording our fourth album! We’re also extremely looking forward to be working with producer extraordinaire Russ Russell again, at Parlour Studios in Kettering. The album will be guaranteed to thrash your balls off, make some ears bleed, and some fucking heads bang! We can’t wait to unleash some new material upon you all, and look forward to giving you some new tracks to wreak havok when we embark on the KREATOR U.K. and Ireland shows in April! See you in the pit!!!”

EVILE has also just confirmed two festival shows this summer — Belgium’s SkullFest in June and the U.K.’s Scarfest in August, where EVILE will headline the Ashdown Stage.

Comments EVILE bassist Joel Graham: “We are really excited about being announced for Skullfest!! Belgium is always great for EVILE, and we can’t wait to head over for this festival. The Skullfest bar is also host to some awesome Belgian beers. See ya there!”

EVILE’s latest album, “Five Serpent’s Teeth”, was released in Europe on September 26, 2011 via Earache Records.


THE SECRET Unleashes “Seven Billion Graves” Video

Italy’s most caustic metal/hardcore outfit THE SECRET has unleashed an official video for their nihilistic cry against humanity, “Seven Billion Graves.” Directed by Shazzula Nebula, the video was released via Scion AV, and was posted first at Invisible Oranges, who sums it up quite well, stating: “There’s no story, no band members, and indeed, no humans present. Cameras roam the remains of dead civilizations or skitter over broken terrain. All is rendered in greys and blacks. It’s a grim vision, and a fair aesthetic match for THE SECRET’s stark metalcore. No rounded edges or straight lines here.”

Help THE SECRET dig “Seven Billion Graves” now.

The fourth album from THE SECRET, the decimating Agnus Dei is the most lethal weapon in this unique Italian attack squad’s broadening arsenal, coalescing the most destructive elements of crust, black metal and hardcore with the force of tectonic plates, constructed of monolithic riffs, taking the listener on a hallucinated trip towards a hazy tomorrow. Recorded by Kurt Ballou (High on Fire, Converge, Black Breath) at Godcity Studios, Agnus Dei received bewildered praise from media across the planet and has appeared in dozens of journalist and zine year-end lists.


MUMAKIL: Swiss Death/Grind Outlaws Complete Second Album For Relapse

Switzerland’s maniacal grindcore death outfit MUMAKIL has completed the recording of their new LP, now bearing the confirmed title Flies Will Starve, set for release later in the year via Relapse Records.

Self-recorded at Terrier 5 Studio in Geneva, the MUMAKIL faction’s first album in four years will devastate grinders worldwide with twenty-four brand new tracks of wicked, precision grindcore with even more death metal persuasion than their previous full-length, Behold The Failure. Fans of Birdflesh, Misery Index, Antigama, Kill The Client and the like, get ready! Stated the band, upon entering the studio in September: “This will be our best album in terms of production, riff quality, variation and songwriting. It is going to be a great mix between everything we love in grindcore and death-metal with subjects like war, anger, pain, personal experiences and deceptions, and an overall theme about mankind’s permanent will to destroy itself.”

Following an arsenal of releases since the band’s 2004 foundation, the anticipated Flies Will Starve will be MUMAKIL’s third full-length and second for Relapse, not including a split with Inhume on the label’s cult Slimewave 7” series. The album’s street date and other new info will be made available in the coming weeks, including tours of Europe, Canada and beyond in support of the album.


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