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MALEVOLENT CREATION Completes Recording New Album

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Florida-based death metal veterans MALEVOLENT CREATION are scheduled to finish recording their new album today. According to the band, they will mix the effort over the weekend and send it off to mastering on Monday, January 13.

MALEVOLENT CREATION‘s new CD is expected to include the tracks “Corporate Weaponry” and “Face Your Fear”, the latter of which can be streamed below. The song was recorded, produced and mixed at drummer Gus Rios‘ studio, Riversound Productions, except for the vocals, which were laid down with Jim Nickles at his Shredly Studios.

“We are still debating how we are going to go about releasing new music,” Gus Rios told Decibel back in August 2013.

“For a band like ours, with 11 albums and more than 110 songs, it’s just not making sense to record 10 new songs. We are thinking (still not 100%) that doing EPs might be the way. That way we can concentrate on writing five really good songs and play them all live as well.

“We don’t want to be a band that has to rely on its past. We want to write songs that are good enough that people will want to hear them live, as well as the ‘classics.’ And realistically, we would only do about five songs off of any new album anyway due to the extensive catalog.”

Regarding how MALEVOLENT CREATION has managed to retain its musical identity after going through so many lineup changes over the course of the last 20 years, Gus Rios told Rádio Evil: “Since 1997, pretty much every single MALEVOLENT CREATION song anybody’s ever heard, me and Phil [Fasciana, guitar] actually wrote. I live in Fort Lauderdale, and so does Phil, and that’s the songwriting nucleus of MALEVOLENT. So as long as the two of us are still in the band, it’s always gonna sound like MALEVOLENT CREATION, you know what I mean?! That’s the consistency of the band — the primary songwriters. And then, of course, Brett [Hoffman, vocals].”

MALEVOLENT CREATION‘s latest album, “Invidious Dominion”, was released in August 2010 in North America via Nuclear Blast Records (in Europe through Massacre). The effort was made available in various territories as a regular CD; digipack with bonus material; and vinyl LP.

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KAMPFAR: ‘Swarm Norvegicus’ Lyric Video Released

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Norwegian black metallers KAMPFAR will release their sixth studio album, “Djevelmakt” (English-language translation: Devil Power), on January 27, 2014 (four days later in in Germany, Austria, Switzerland) via Indie Recordings.

According to a press release, “Djevelmakt” ”proves that 20 years of existence does not dull the blade, but grinds it into a sharpness more scything than ever before.”

“Djevelmakt” track listing:

01. Mylder
02. Kujon
03. Blod, Eder Og Galle
04. Swarm Norvegicus
05. Fortapelse
06. De Dødes Fane
07. Svarte Sjelers Salme
08. Our Hounds, Our Legion

The song “Swarm Norvegicus” is available on digital services like iTunesSpotify and WiMP as well as SoundCloud.

You can watch the lyric video for the track at this location.

KAMPFAR will embark on a European tour in March with HATE, VELNIAS and ISKALD.

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TROLLFEST: ‘Kaptein Kaos’ Album Details Revealed

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Fresh from celebrating their tenth anniversary and with two North American tours in one year under their belts, Norway’s TROLLFEST are starting 2014 by announcing details of what will be their sixth full-length album as well as details of their first headlining European tour.

The thirteen-track album will be titled “Kaptein Kaos” and is expected to appear on NoiseArt Records on March 28. Recorded at the dUb Studio in Oslo and at the Trollskogen Recording Facilities, the CD was mixed by Endre Kirkesola. Once again the striking artwork is by Swedish cartoonist Jonas Darnell and design by Terje Johnsen, both longtime collaborators with the band.

“Kaptein Kaos” track listing:

01. Trolltramp
02. Kaptein Kaos
03. Vulkan
04. Ave Maria
05. Filzlaus Verkündiger
06. Die Grosse Echsen
07. Seduction Suit No. 21
08. Solskinnsmedisin
09. Troll Gegen Mann
10. Sagn Om Stein
11. Renkespill
12. Kinesisk Alkymi
13. Døden Banker På

Like previous albums, “Kaptein Kaos” is set in the fantasy world of Trolls created by TROLLFEST. It tells the story of the Kaptein Kaos, who, according to the band “is an inventor who creates a time machine and goes on an expedition across time to see some sights, taste some stuff and have some fun in ways that are exclusively available to people with time machines.” Musically, though, it seems that this time TROLLFEST have slightly changed direction. “Blasts beats and screaming,” says the band, “have given way to juicy rock grooves and rich melody lines, and the world music influence, which has been our trademark both in our use of instruments as well as melodies, has expanded to include Tango rhythms, Asian and Scandinavian folk music as well, of course, as the East European influence for which we are known.”

KORPIKLAANI‘s Jonne Järvelä, one of the first people to hear the album, had this to say about it: “TROLLFEST are even more catchy, more melodic and more twisted than ever with their new ‘Kaptein Kaos’ album. I really like its (good way) sick arrangements and instrumentation. Vocals are extremely variable and I never heard anything like this before. My personal highlight on the album is a song called ‘Solskinnsmedisin’. Unbelievable album!”

To mark the release of the album TROLLFEST will embark on a 16-date headlining tour of Europe in April, which the band have dubbed the “Kaos Over Europe Tour”, supported by FINSTERFORST and CRYPTIC FOREST.

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EPICA Completes Recording Sixth Album

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Dutch female-fronted symphonic metallers EPICA have finished recording their sixth album for a spring release via Nuclear Blast. The follow-up to “Requiem For The Indifferent” was produced by Joost Van Den Broek (the former AFTER FOREVER and AYREON keyboard player who has previously worked with REVAMP and STREAM OF PASSION).

Says EPICA: “We had an awesome time at the Sandlane recording facilities together with Joost Van Den Broek and we can’t wait for you guys to hear the final results!”

The band will return to the stage on April 30 for a CD-release show at 013 in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

After taking a break from the road due the pregnancy of lead singer Simone Simons, the release of a new concert DVD, “Retrospect”, as well as the writing and recording of the band’s upcoming album, the sextet will put on a memorable show, with plans to perform both old and new songs.

EPICA celebrated its 10th anniversary with a one-night-only event, dubbed “Retrospect”, on March 23, 2013 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The band was accompanied by the seventy-piece Reményi Ede Chamber Orchestra and the Miskolc National Theatre Choir, playing an unforgettable three-hour best-of set.

On November 8, 2013, Nuclear Blast released “Retrospect” as a deluxe hardcover book with 48 pages, both as a 2DVD/3CD and 2Blu-ray/3CD version.

“Retrospect” features this massive performance in its entirety, as well as exclusive interviews with all band members and behind-the-scenes footage from the show.

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