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MEGADETH: Two New Songs, ‘Built For War’ And ‘The Blackest Crow’, Available For Streaming

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Two more songs from MEGADETH’s forthcoming “Super Collider” album —“Built For War” and “The Blackest Crow” — are available for streaming using SoundCloud widgets at this location.

MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine told RollingStone.com that “The Blackest Crow” was inspired by his mother-in-law’s struggle with Alzheimer’s Disease. The song was then “altered to be more about a tragic loss and the depression that follows,” he said.

As for “Built For War”Mustaine told Full Metal Jackie that the song was written “about arson.” He said: “[MEGADETH drummer] Shawn[Drover] had a song that he and I wrote together, [and MEGADETHguitarist] Chris [Broderick] had a little bit to do with it [as well] — so we’ve got the first time all three of us are writing together. Shawn’s tentative title was ‘Face Melter’ and I went, ‘That’s such a stupid title,’ so I went, ‘How about we just call it ‘Ball Buster’?’ just to bust his balls on it, right? So we had that as a funny title for a while, but that one ended up being called ‘Built For War’.”

“Super Collider” is scheduled for a June 4 North American release via Mustaine’s new label, Tradecraft, distributed by Universal Music Enterprises (UMe).

“Super Collider” track listing:

01. Kingmaker
02. Super Collider
03. Burn!
04. Built For War
05. Off The Edge
06. Dance In The Rain
07. Beginning Of Sorrow
08. The Blackest Crow
09. Forget To Remember
10. Don’t Turn Your Back…
11. Cold Sweat

The album will be available as a limited-edition CD with 3-D cover and bonus tracks, regular CD, regular LP, limited LP plus a bonus colored seven-inch single with two bonus tracks, and a download voucher.

The track “Super Collider”, which was premiered on Full Metal Jackie’s nationally syndicated radio metal show on April 20, was released digitally on April 23 via iTunes.

“That song kind of came from that ‘Symphony Of Destruction’ corner of my mind,” Mustaine told Guitar World magazine. “You can’t always play aggressive, thrashy stuff. Sometimes those aren’t even songs; they’re like musical rams. But because I’m not a pop guy, I’m also not really comfortable playing sing-along songs. To me, ‘Super Collider’ made sense like a normal song — a verse-chorus-verse-chorus kind of thing. It’s written the way a real songwriter would write the song, instead of just taking all these musical twists and turns.”

“Super Collider” is MEGADETH’s first release since the band’s recent split with Roadrunner Records.

MEGADETH filmed a video for the “Super Collider” title track on May 10 in the Los Angeles area. California-based model, actress, singer and songwriter Hunter Elizabeth was cast in the lead role in the clip, which she says is “about a high-school couple still loving each other after all the years after graduation, and at the 10-year reunion, both characters find themselves successful (a model and a mathematician) and still very in love.”


ENTOMBED: Cover Of KING DIAMOND Classic Available For Free Download

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Swedish metal veterans ENTOMBED have teamed up with PledgeMusicto launch a reissue campaign for some of their favorite albums.

Says the band: “Ahead of the campaign, we have created this widget [see below] to get as many of your e-mail addresses as possible. This is so we can be sure all the fans have an opportunity to get all the collectables we are going to include in the campaign.

“Download the song for free and register your address; it’s that simple.”

For more details and to download ENTOMBED’s cover version of KING DIAMOND’s “Welcome Home”, go to this location.

Threeman Recordings, which is owned and run by members ofENTOMBED, recently launched a new collaboration with Ninetone Records. The first release under this arrangement was a single for the re-recorded version of the song “Amok” from ENTOMBED’s 2007 album,“Serpent Saints – The Ten Amendments”, produced by Patrik Frisk(CORRODED).

“Serpent Saints – The Ten Amendments” was released in the U.S. on July 31, 2007 via Candlelight/Threeman Recordings. The 10-song effort marked the group’s first release with drummer Olle Dahlstedt (ALPHA SAFARI, ex-MISERY LOVES CO.), who replaced Peter Stjärnvind in 2006. Mastering duties were handled by Soren Elofsson at Cosmos Mastering in Stockholm, Sweden.

“Serpent Saints – The Ten Amendments” entered the Swedish national chart at position No. 3. This was the highest chart position in the band’s career.

The current lineup of ENTOMBED features Victor Brandt (TOTALT JÄVLA MÖRKERAEONSATYRICON) and second guitarist Nico Elgstrand (who previously played bass for the group).


FIREWIND: ‘Apotheosis – Live 2012’ Trailer Available

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Greek melodic metallers FIREWIND, who feature in their ranks currentOZZY OSBOURNE guitarist Gus G., will celebrate their 10th anniversary by releasing a live album on June 24 via Century Media Records in Europe. Entitled “Apotheosis – Live 2012”, the CD will contain 17 songs recorded at special anniversary shows in Greece as well as all over Europe during the band’s “Few Against Many” tour in 2012. With a playing time of 69 minutes, the effort is a great overview of the band’s career so far, which consists of seven studio albums. It also marksFIREWIND’s final release with singer Apollo Papathanasio, who decided to leave the group at the end of last year. He has since been replaced by Kelly Sundown Carpenter (ADAGIOBEYOND TWILIGHT) as session frontman for all 2013 live activities.

The cover artwork for “Apotheosis – Live 2012”, which will be released as a digipak in its first limited-edition pressing, was designed byFIREWIND’s longtime partner in all design matters, Gustavo Sazes(ARCH ENEMYANGRADREAM EVIL) based on live photography byHans-W. Rock.

The official trailer for “Apotheosis – Live 2012” can be seen at this location.

“Apotheosis – Live 2012” track listing:

01. Head Up High
02. Wall Of Sound
03. Allegiance
04. Few Against Many
05. The Departure
06. Heading For The Dawn
07. Losing My Mind
08. World On Fire
09. Guitar Solo 2012
10. SKG
11. Between Heaven And Hell
12. Piano Solo
13. Edge Of A Dream
14. Mercenary Man
15. Glorious
16. Maniac
17. Falling To Pieces

Stated Gus G.: “Apotheosis = the glorification of a subject to a divine level. That is the word that came to my mind while thinking of how I could best describe the feeling and the vibe of those four anniversary shows we played in our homeland Greece and our last European headline tour in 2012! So that had to be our live album’s title. You can feel the energy on these recordings, you can hear the screams of the most hardcore fans and the FIREWIND chants… it’s all there. No doubt about it, it’s the sheer love from our fans and supporters that has kept us alive and strong for 10 years and we wanted to celebrate all that with this album. We recorded all those shows, chose the best performances and now we can’t wait to release this one!”


DREAM THEATER’s ‘Live At Luna Park’ Pushed Back To November

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“Live At Luna Park”DREAM THEATER’s live concert, which was previously scheduled for release in May via Eagle Rock Entertainment, will now drop in North America on November 5 as a Blu-ray, 2DVD, 2DVD + 3CD, Blu-ray + 3CD, deluxe edition with 40-page book, Blu-ray + 2DVD + 3CD, and digital video via iTunes.

Comments the band: “Due to extenuating circumstances, the release date for ‘Live At Luna Park’ has been pushed back from its originally scheduled spring release. In an effort to make this project as special as possible, and deliver the ultimate live experience for DREAM THEATERfans, these delays proved necessary. It will be abundantly clear why the extra time was needed come November.”

“Live At Luna Park” was filmed over two nights in South America — home to one of DREAM THEATER’s most ardent fanbases. The DVD was filmed August 19 and August 20, 2012 at Estadio Luna Park in Buenos Aires, Argentina after a 15-month world tour, hitting 35 countries.

“This is, without a doubt, the closest a viewer at home will come to experiencing a live DREAM THEATER concert,” states guitarist and founding member John Petrucci. “Between the hi-def and 3D video, the huge audio mix and the documentary-style behind-the-scenes footage, you are truly transported to the arena and completely immersed in the entire live experience.”

“We have the greatest fans on the planet and the people of Argentina are no exception!” adds Petrucci. “The energy and vibe at Luna Park was truly electric and contagious. The perfect synergy between band and audience. We are immensely proud of this DVD and incredibly excited to share it with everyone!”

A trailer for the set can be seen at this location.

The setlists for the two concerts were as follows:

August 19, 2012

01. Bridges In The Sky
02. 6:00
03. The Dark Eternal Night
04. This Is The Life
05. The Root Of All Evil
06. Lost Not Forgotten
07. Drum Solo
08. A Fortune In Lies
09. The Silent Man (with a string quartet)
10. Beneath The Surface (with a string quartet)
11. Outcry
12. Surrounded (preceded by Jordan Rudess’ keyboard solo)
13. On The Backs Of Angels
14. War Inside My Head
15. The Test That Stumped Them All
16. The Spirit Carries On (preceded by John Petrucci’s guitar solo)
17. Breaking All Illusions


18. Metropolis Pt. 1: The Miracle And The Sleeper

August 20, 2012

01. Bridges In The Sky
02. These Walls
03. Build Me Up, Break Me Down
04. This Is The Life
05. Caught In A Web
06. Lost Not Forgotten
07. Drum Solo
08. A Fortune In Lies
09. Wait For Sleep (with a string quartet)
10. Far From Heaven (with a string quartet)
11. Outcry
12. Surrounded (preceded by Jordan Rudess’ keyboard solo)
13. On The Backs Of Angels
14. War Inside My Head
15. The Test That Stumped Them All
16. The Spirit Carries On (preceded by John Petrucci’s guitar solo)
17. Breaking All Illusions


18. Pull Me Under


BEHEMOTH To Release ‘The Satanist’ In The Fall

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Polish extreme metallers BEHEMOTH have set “The Satanist” as the title of their tenth full-length album, due in the fall via Nuclear Blast in Europe and Metal Blade in North America. The CD is being recorded atHertz studio in Bialystok, Poland with the help of the Wieslawscybrothers and Daniel Bergstrand (MESHUGGAHIN FLAMES,SOILWORKSTRAPPING YOUNG LAD).

“It took us over two decades to come up with a title that… says it all,” comments BEHEMOTH guitarist/vocalist Adam “Nergal” Darski.

“While our new songs artistically take surprisingly adventurous directions, our message stands steadfast — proud and radical.

‘The Satanist’ stands for undying yearning for liberation and love for freedom in all aspects of life.

“Considering all our life experiences that often took dramatic curves, I couldn’t think of more appropriate and fitting statement of who and where we are now.”

In an interview with Rock N Roll Industries conducted aboard Barge To Hell extreme-metal cruise, Darski stated about the songwriting sessions for BEHEMOTH’s next album: “I’m really thinking about my record. I’m dreaming my record, I’m eating my record, I’m shitting my record… I mean, everything just comes to the same thing: this artistic release that’s gonna take place in the fall. That’s the plan. … I’m so hyped and I’m so into delivering new stuff. I have this thought: every time I come up with a new theme or a new song idea, I think it’s actually better than the one before. So I hope that this process stops at a certain point and I’m, like, ‘OK, over. This is it. We’re working on this bunch of songs and that’s it.’ Because this way I can go on forever.”

In an April 2012 interview with Metal BlastNergal offered more information about BEHEMOTH’s mindset going into the next album. “We want to take our time and not rush ourselves in any way,” he said. “It looks like it might be the most important album in our career. I want to make the most honest record and I won’t be bending to anyone’s rules or expectations, including [BEHEMOTH’s record labels] Metal Blade orNuclear Blast. Every next BEHEMOTH album is a surprise and is never the same… We don’t want to stress ourselves because the music business and the direction it takes is not as I would like it to be. That means we will be going against the current again and just do as we will and please. Whatever we do is going to be BEHEMOTH, 100%. It is the state of our will and nobody can deny it. I can tell you that we aren’t going to come out with a reggae or country album; it’s going to beBEHEMOTH, it’s going to be extreme. But don’t be surprised if people listened to it and said, ‘Fuck, they did it. It’s so amazing.’ [laughs] That’s what I like to say when I listen to my own music. I love to surprise myself. I hate things that are predictable. I want to surprise myself and surprise other people, as well… Don’t get me wrong, I am a hugeAC/DC fan and I expect AC/DC to be AC/DC, but don’t expectBEHEMOTH to put out another ‘The Apostasy’‘Demigod’ or‘Evangelion’ album, because that will not happen.”

BEHEMOTH’s ninth full-length studio album, 2009’s “Evangelion”, sold 8,500 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 56 on The Billboard 200 chart.


SIX FEET UNDER Parts Ways With Drummer, Announces Replacement

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Florida-based death metal veterans SIX FEET UNDER have parted ways with drummer Kevin Talley and have replaced him with Marco Pitruzzella.

Marco, who previously played with SIX FEET UNDER bassist Jeff Hughell in BRAIN DRILL, will make his live debut with SIX FEET UNDER this Saturday in Memphis, Tennessee at the Scion Rock Fest.

Comments SIX FEET UNDER frontman Chris Barnes: “I’m proud to announce a new addition to the ranks of SIX FEET UNDER. Replacing drummer Kevin Talley is our new friend and cohort, Marco Pitruzzella.Marco has worked with Jeff Hughell in their former band, BRAIN DRILL, and is such an amazing talented and great guy. I’m very excited having him in the band and can’t wait to take the stage with Marco this Saturday in Memphis for Scion Rock Fest!”

He adds: “It was good working with Kevin Talley for the past couple of years, but we are very ready and extremely focused on moving the band forward with a new, more stable and permanent lineup for writing as well as touring.

“Be prepared to be shredded! See you all soon!”

SIX FEET UNDER’s tenth full-length album, “Unborn”, was released on March 19 via Metal Blade Records. The follow-to to 2012’s “Undead”was mixed by Chris “Zeuss” Harris, who has previously worked withSUICIDE SILENCEALL THAT REMAINSSHADOWS FALL andSOULFLY, among others.

“Unborn” was released as an exclusive European box-set edition which included the limited digipak of “Unborn” and a bonus track entitled“Illusions”. Additionally the box featured a poster, a patch, two pins and a sticker plus enough space for last year’s “Undead” album. The bonus track was featured on the vinyl version of “Unborn” as well.

SIX FEET UNDER in May 2012 announced the addition of Swedish rhythm guitarist Ola Englund (FEAREDSCARPOINT) to the group’s ranks.Englund, who made his first official appearance with the band on the “18 Nights Of Blood Tour”, took the place of Rob Arnold (CHIMAIRA).


MUMAKIL Crush You With “Death from Below” Via American Aftermath

Now under a month before it pummels its way into the public’s hands via Relapse Records, another track from MUMAKIL’s third album Flies Will Starve surges forth today. “Death from Below,” the opening track to the helltorn new album comes at you by way of a featured stream at American Aftermath, lashing out with some of the most relentless grindcore audio persecution of the year, and joined by an exclusive interview with writer and fan-based questions.

Antagonize all in earshot; crush them now with “Death from Below” AT THIS LOCATIONRelapse previously released additional noise from Flies Will Starvewith a lyric video for “Wrong Turn” HERE as well as the track “Army Of Freaks” via a label podcast at Metal Injection RIGHT HERE.

Recorded at Terrier 5 Studio in Geneva, the first album from Geneva, Switzerland-based killers MUMAKIL in four years devastates with twenty-four tracks of precision grindcore teetering on the edge of insanity, the oppressive percussion only lessening to build-up to the next blinding blast, the strings jackhammering forth the band’s most death-influenced riffing, all fueled by a razorchoked vocal bloodbath. Flies Will Starve will hit the streets June 25th in North America, preceded by its release June 21st in Germany/Benelux/Finland and June 24th in the UK and abroad — in conjunction with new bursts of touring across Europe, Canada and beyond over the coming months.

6/21/2013 Fête de la musique 2013, stage Post Tenebras Rock – Geneva, Switzerland
6/28/2013 Moloko – Geneva, Switzerland *Flies Will Starve release party
7/05/2013 Obscene Extreme Festival 15 – Trutnov, Czech Republic
8/11/2013 Sylak Open Air Fest @ Stade Regis Perrin – St Maurice de Gourdans, France w/ Haemorrhage
8/30/2013 La Neuville @ Festival des arts bourrins 2013 – Chant d’Oisel, France


HAVOK: New Single Available For Free Download

Fans of Denver thrashers HAVOK are beginning to feel the growing excitement for the approaching North American release date of the band’s third full-length, Unnatural Selection. The album’s lead single, “Give Me Liberty… Or Give Me Death,” impacted metal radio earlier this week; the only single to land on CMJ’s Loud Rock “Most Added” report. Sirius/XM Radio plus Syracuse’s WAQX, Baltimore’s WIYY, and Northern New Jersey metal powerhouse WSOU, among others, are a few of the key early supporters of the single.

To celebrate, Candlelight Records today makes “Give Me Liberty…Or Give Me Death” available as a free download at the label’s official Bandcamp page. The topical thrash anthem delivers the young band’s classic thrash and old-school metal sound.

To download click HERE. All available titles at Candlelight’s Bandcamp are available at a 15% discount through midnight June 3. The code to enter on check out is GiveMeCandlelight.


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