Heavy Metal News – November 22, 2013

GWAR: ‘Madness At The Core Of Time’ Video Released

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“Madness At The Core Of Time”, the new video from GWAR, can be seen atthis location. The song is taken from the band’s new album, “Battle Maximus”, which sold around 3,500 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 109 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD — the band’s first full-length studio effort since the loss of their longtime guitar player Flattus Maximus — was issued on September 17 on Metal Blade Records.

Commented GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus: “We made a video? I have been so busy touring, getting loaded and mouthing off, I didn’t even notice. But I am sure it’s the best video ever, simply because GWAR is in it.”

GWAR‘s previous CD, 2010’s “Bloody Pit Of Horror”, opened with around 2,800 units — roughly half of the first-week tally registered by 2009’s “Lust In Space”, which premiered with 5,000 copies to land at No. 96.

“This album is both a tribute to Flattus and a telling of the next chapter in the story of GWAR,” Oderus Urungus stated about “Battle Maximus”. “The combo of the brand new album and show should satisfy even the most hardcore Flattus devotee with the fact that GWAR‘s slay-skills are as supreme as ever, and the band stands poised to embark on our most earth-shattering world tour yet. We have mourned, we have honored, and now it’s time to fucking DEVASTATE in the name of Flattus and the supreme entity that is GWAR.”

GWAR‘s “Battle Maximus” features twelve brand new tracks that not only honor their departed ally, but tells the story of GWAR‘s latest struggle against what may be their greatest enemy yet… the insidious “Mr. Perfect”, who has travelled through time itself to steal the power of GWAR — the power of immortality, and use this power to mutate the human race into his twisted vision of what the “perfect” human should be. Once again GWAR finds themselves as the only thing standing between the human race and the latest super-powered shithead bent on the destruction of GWAR and the enslavement of their worshippers.

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SAXON: Entire ‘Unplugged And Strung Up’ Album Available For Streaming

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SAXON‘s “Unplugged And Strung Up” album can be streamed in its entirety at this location.

SAXON‘s selection of unique, fresh and adventurous interpretations of material previously heard only with raw heavy metal thunder, “Unplugged And Strung Up” was released on November 18. The effort reveals layers and pieces previously dormant in many of the 14 classic SAXON songs chosen for this makeover, thanks to some ear-catching new arrangements and mixes. Recorded, mixed and mastered with Andy Sneap in Derbyshire, U.K. earlier this year, “Unplugged And Strung Up” contains re-evaluated, re-worked and re-energized versions of “The Eagle Has Landed” and “Crusader” by introducing orchestral dynamics to offer added dimension. “Frozen Rainbow”, from the band’s 1979 debut, gets a stunning acoustic reprisal which transports it into a power ballad to be proud of, while “Red Star Falling” soars and sweeps the emotions with its orchestrally arranged dovetail.

As if this reinvention wasn’t enough, SAXON superfans and collectors can purchase a digipak version of the release which includes 2002’s storming set of full-volume, pedal-to-the-metal re-recorded hits “Heavy Metal Thunder”. Featuring staple SAXON stormers such as “Motorcycle Man”“Strong Arm Of The Law” and “Dallas 1pm”, it is a quintessential part of any collection.

The standard single CD of “Unplugged And Strung Up” comes in a jewel case, and a double-vinyl gatefold sleeve version of the release is also available. The digipack is a two-disc version of the release featuring the bonus disc “Heavy Metal Thunder”, and there was a digital release of the same.

“Unplugged and Strung Up” track listing:

01. Stallions Of The Highway (remix)
02. Crusader (orchestral version)
03. Battle Cry
04. The Eagle Has Landed (orchestral version)
05. Red Star Falling (orchestral version)
06. Broken Heroes (orchestral version)
07. Call To Arms (orchestral version)
08. Militia Guard
09. Forever Free (re-recorded version)
10. Just Let Me Rock (re-recorded version)
11. Frozen Rainbow (acoustic version)
12. Iron Wheels (live acoustic version)
13. Requiem (acoustic version)
14. Coming Home (acoustic version)

“Heavy Metal Thunder” track listing:

01. Heavy Metal Thunder
02. Strong Arm Of The Law
03. Power & The Glory
04. And The Bands Played On
05. Crusader
06. Dallas 1pm
07. Princess Of The Night
08. Wheels Of Steel
09. 747 (Strangers In The Night)
10. Motorcycle Man
11. Never Surrender
12. Denim & Leather
13. Backs To The Wall

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DIAMOND PLATE: ‘Dance With Reality’ Video Released

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Chicago’s DIAMOND PLATE recently teamed up with director Lester Cohn (MASTODONNEIL YOUNGCHEVELLETAKING BACK SUNDAY) to shoot a video for the song “Dance With Reality” off the band’s sophomore album, “Pulse”. The video can be seen at this location.

Says the group: “Our goal with this music video was to capture the band’s live energy in a cinematic way while giving the viewer more than just a video of us playing live.

“Thanks to our director Lester, our cinematographer Andrew, all of the cast and crew, and the 1966 Chevelle for being a badass motherfucker.”


“Pulse” was released on August 20 in the USA via Century Media/Earache and on digital formats in Europe on August 19. The follow-up to 2011’s “Generation Why?” was recorded with producer Neil Kernon (JUDAS PRIESTNEVERMOREDEICIDE3 INCHES OF BLOOD) at Studio Chicago.

“Pulse” track listing:

01. Walking Backwards (4:15)
02. All Of It (3:33)
03. Price You Pay (4:30)
04. Dance With Reality (2:48)
05. Still Dreaming (5:55)
06. Face To Face (3:45)
07. Bottom Of The Glass (4:19)
08. Rainmaker (6:25)
09. Persistence Of Memory (3:09)
10. Running Dry (3:48)

Commented DIAMOND PLATE: “During the months of recording, the album took on a life of its own. Our goal was to capture the energy of a live band, and working with Neil gave us the freedom to create the music we’ve always wanted to play.

“A straightforward explanation of the title ‘Pulse’ is that it represents music, or life, in its purest form. The real meaning behind the album can only be discovered by the person using his/her ears.”

The artwork for “Pulse” was created by artist Gustavo Sazes (MORBID ANGELARCH ENEMYSEPULTURA).

Read more at http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/diamond-plate-dance-with-reality-video-released/#roqWsIRrWvQFOaVJ.99


SUNN O))) And ULVER Join Forces In A New Collaborative Work

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SUNN O)))‘s most recent studio album, 2009’s “Monoliths And Dimensions”, and ULVER‘s 2013 album, “Messe I.X-VI.X”, found both evolving and longstanding groups venturing into the world of acoustic arrangement and contemporary orchestration. Besides arriving at this seeming parallel in vision, the pair’s long-standing camaraderie was initiated during SUNN O)))‘s 2003 “White1” sessions with the track “CutWOODED” which was produced by ULVER, in tribute to the deceased film director Ed Wood.

ULVER‘s decision to emerge from the shadows into live performance, in 2009, unveiled a new facet of showmanship, presentation and the grandiose which took their audiences to an unforeseen level. SUNN O)))‘s presence has always been felt, whether in their hundreds of legendary live concerts, the reissue of out of print albums in devotion to their loyal fanbase, or the recent unveiling of their new web site — and the anticipation of something new was heightened beyond belief recently when the label posted online the words, “SUNN O))) and ULVER 2014”.

Yes. At long last they have come together for a more developed collaborative work.

It has now been confirmed that these words, SUNN O))) and ULVER, together, represent an astonishing yet somehow totally tenable matrimony of these two earthshakingly powerful forces, coming together like tectonic plates.

The result of this union is a three-track recording entitled “Terrestrials”; three movements which are fluid like the flow of magma beneath the Earth’s crust, sonically uninhibited, unpredictably cosmic, haunting and stirring yet simultaneously ceremonious and beautiful.

Southern Lord shall release “Terrestrials” in February 2014.

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BEHEMOTH: Third ‘Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel’ Teaser Posted Online

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The third and final teaser for “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel”, the brand new video from Polish extreme metallers BEHEMOTH, can be seen at this location. The song will be released as a digital single and limited-edition 12-inch EP on December 4 via Behemoth/New Aeon Musick in Europe. The gatefold EP will be limited to 2,000 copies (1,000 on white and 1,000 on black 180-gram vinyl), all of which will be hand numbered and signed by the BEHEMOTH bandmembers. In addition to the title track, the single will include two more compositions that will not appear on BEHEMOTH‘s tenth full-length album, “The Satanist”“If I Were Cain” and a cover of “Ludzie Wschodu” from the influential 1980s Polish punk rock band SIEKIERA.

The music video for “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel”, which was described by BEHEMOTH frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski as “killer” and “a monster,” was directed by Polish producers Grupa 13, with whom BEHEMOTH previously collaborated on the clips for “At The Left Hand Ov God” and “Ov Fire And The Void”.

“Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel” single release dates:

Dec. 4: U.S.
Dec. 8: U.K.
Dec. 6: Rest Of Europe

Fan-filmed video footage of BEHEMOTH performing “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel” during their October 19 appearance at this year’s edition of the Loud Park festival at Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo, Japan can be seen below.

“The Satanist” is due in early 2014 via Nuclear Blast in Europe and Metal Blade in North America. The CD was recorded at Hertz studio in Bialystok, Poland with the help of the Wieslawscy brothers (Wojtek and Slawek) and Daniel Bergstrand (MESHUGGAHIN FLAMESSOILWORKSTRAPPING YOUNG LAD). Other songtitles set to appear on the effort include “Messe Noir” (French for “The Black Mass”) and “Ora Pro Nobis, Lucifer” (Latin for “Pray For Us, Lucifer”). The effort was mixed by Matt Hyde (SLAYERHATEBREEDCHILDREN OF BODOM) and was mastered by Ted Jensen (METALLICAAC/DC) at Sterling Sound in New York City.

“The Satanist” cover artwork was painted with Nergal‘s own blood. He provided a container of his plasma to Russian symbolist painter and occultist Denis Forkas in Moscow. Forkas then blended the blood into the painting so that it would have a more “organic” feel. Additional artwork was handled by Metastazis and Zbigniew Bielak.

“I wanted to incorporate some of my DNA into the art,” Nergal told Australia’s Heavy magazine.

“This album seems to be so defining of who we are now as people and as individuals, and considering all the instances in recent years, [we wanted] to make it more ‘ours’ than it is usually.”

In a recent interview with Revolver magazine, Darski described BEHEMOTH‘s new songs as “very atmospheric” and “very emotional.” “Think BURZUM meets NEW ORDER meets KILLING JOKE,” he added. But at the same time, fans shouldn’t expect the album to sound too far removed from BEHEMOTH‘s past efforts. “Take SLAYER, for example,” Darski said. “Whatever genre they deal with, they still end up sounding like SLAYER. Even when they were flirting with nu-metal, it was a SLAYER record. Same with BEHEMOTH.”

According to Darski, at least some of the inspiration for the new BEHEMOTH album came from his five-month bout of leukemia he overcame in January 2011, after receiving a bone-marrow transplant. “When I was in the hospital, I was collecting experiences and emotions,” he said. “I’m pretty sure that it’s coming out now. There are moments I catch myself thinking about how my state was back then. It was me versus life, me versus death. It definitely changed my thoughts a lot. It’s 100 percent being reflected in the record and songs I’m writing nowadays. I’m way more radical than I used to be.”

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