HMT Movie Club: CZ12

CZ12One would almost know what to expect when going for a Jackie Chan movie – action thriller, adventure mixed with some elements of comedy. Other than the Police Story series, most of Jackie Chan’s movies have been those that see him take a less serious role. Touted as the movie that boasts the most number of stunts done by one person in a movie, CZ12 got me rather excited as well (other than the fact that I am quite a fan of his movies), with the standard martial arts and high action that is shown on the trailer.

The high budget that has been put into this movie is rather obvious, with the international cast and the filming techniques and effects that are utilised. The international cast is certainly something to take note of, with Jackie Chan’s mercenary crew being made up of Jackie Chan himself, and four other members from China and South Korea. The cast also speak in their native languages (Chinese and French) in the movie, giving it a more authentic feel.

Like all other Jackie Chan movies, CZ12 is extremely fast paced. My personal favourite scene would be the opening scene where Jackie Chan goes downhill from a military base on a suit full of wheels, leaving one wanting to own a suit like that. The fight scenes are one of the main things that fans of his films look out for and they do not disappoint, where he displays his proficiency in martial arts and choreography, intertwining fighting and comedic moments, diffusing the tense situation that he might be caught in.

Of course, there is the serious side of the film as well, with the movie’s setting being one of political seriousness – the returning of a country’s artefacts from colonisers/invaders of the past.

This is definitely one of his best works so far, and Jackie Chan proves that he is one of the greatest action heroes, doing most of the stunts on the movie at this age. The movie credits as usual show the NG moments, some pretty funny while others showing the tough side of acting such movies and the aging of Jackie Chan.


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